Tuesday, June 17, 2008

now we've gone guitar hero

This is Calvin, in the new house where we had cake and ice cream, after he realized his big birthday present was...Guitar Hero III for Wii.

He wanted to sleep out in the new house with his friends...now we're thinking they will be playing all night, The Hermit and I just might claim the new inflatable mattress for ourselves...


Lynne said...

There's a happy face! My John really loves it. I hope the boys have fun tonight and I hope you and Hermit can get some sleep!

Floridacracker said...

My son love his GH!
The cool side effect is they learn some great classic rock.

K.C. said...

NOTHING like guitar hero. I have to admit that I am 41 and I could watch my kids play for hours.

I know he is extra excited!

I know how I felt when I got ATARI and space invaders! Kayce

Deb said...

Lynne- The boys didn't stay up as late as I thought, and they ended up going out to the new house. Calvin said he got cold sleeping under a wool blanket; morning temp was around 40.

FC- Calvin's musical tastes already tend towards stuff that was recorded around the time I was born, so he enjoys the songs on there. He knows more about Jimi Hendrix than I do!

K.C.- Welcome and thanks for commenting! I remember going through a phase where I saved up my paper route money and bought an Atari. And Space Invaders. I'm 41 too. :)