Wednesday, June 18, 2008

lupine of the day

As I was going to T ball with Mr. Attitude, I noticed lupines blooming along the school's access road, and on the banks of a couple ponds they have on the grounds. I guess it's been more popular lately to have wildflower seeds included in the usual ground cover mix. I think it looks lovely. Above is the progress of my lupine at home.

It being T ball and kids Bible study night, we ate a late dinner and I am tired. Starflower has strep throat, which is strange because apart from her huge swollen tonsils and sore throat, she has no symptoms. She had the sore throat yesterday, when I took the day off, but I made the judgment call to not take her to the doctor because she did not have a raging fever. Oh well. Diagnostics are one of the more difficult arts of being a parent.


Lynne said...

My kids never had the sore throat/fever symptoms with strep. They ALWAYS got stomach aches and funky breath. Molly actually got the scarlet fever rash when she was a toddler because it went untreated (because she had no sore throat etc.) Hope she feels better soon. It stinks to be sick on summer vacation.

Lynne said...

Does lupine have a fragrance?

Deb said...

Lynne- She had the throat and the funky breath. And the sore stomach. But she's feeling better, after a day on penicillin pills.

I actually went out and sniffed the plant, and I don't think it has a distinctive odor.

RuthieJ said...

Your lupines are beautiful, Deb. What a treat to see those blue flowers out in your yard.