Thursday, June 12, 2008

garden cheating

Now tell me, is this fair?

my tomato

his tomato

I have been growing tomato plants from seed since March, and the seedling in the top photo was one of the healthier ones. Maybe three inches tall. I didn't have the space to transplant them from their cells, but you'd think they could have grown a little bigger! I planted a bunch of them out in the garden on Sunday, and of course not all of them survived.

So into the picture is The Hermit with the monster tomato he didn't grow, he bought it from the garden center. That sucker already has green tomatoes on it! I don't know why I even bother growing from seed sometimes. Oh well, next year will be better, in the new house.

And, as long as I was posting, I had to get this photo in. Aren't "gray" treefrogs the cutest? And you may ask yourself, how does that tattered cook shed screen keep the mosquitoes out?

Actually, it doesn't.


Jayne said...

Easy explanation... his was given growth hormones and steroids! Eat that tomoato and you'll glow! LOL... just kidding. :c)

jan m said...

I was looking at huge tomato plants in buckets last night at a garden center, thinking my little plants in the garden have a long way to go. With the tomato recall, maybe I should buy a big plant, just so we can have some homegrown tomatoes before the end of summer.

Carolyn H said...

your tomato plants look like mine--depressing!

Your screen may not keep mosquitos out, but I bet it kept the frog out!

Carolyn H.

Floridacracker said...

That strategically placed frog should keep the mosquitoes under control.

Deb said...

Jayne- That plant had to have been given something...but, we may have a ripe one by the fourth of July.

Jan M- A lot of my little tomatoes did not survive the initial planting, so I will try to replace them with equally tiny transplants.

Carolyn H- Yes, my efforts at starting tomatoes from seed were dismal this year. I used to be able to do it so well, I wonder what's wrong.

FC- I never thought of that! Too bad I moved it so it would not be disturbed by door activity and cats.

That door has been a hotbed of activity lately for moths of all kinds. I don't know moths, but they are pretty.