Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What I planted

I was so tired last night I realize I forgot to tell any details of what I planted! Or maybe it was brain fog caused by the beers I had in celebration. The hops in Two Hearted Ale certainly have been known to do that before.

I have two potato bins planted, one with Red Gold and one with Viking Purple. I still have several other varieties that need a home: Yukon Gold, Desiree, Garnet Chile and French fingerling.

The tomatoes in the hoophouse bed, which apparently were shielded well enough against cutworms last night, include Amish Paste, Brandywine, Rose, and Cherokee Purple.

In the next bed over I planted broccoli (Packman, plants purchased from the local nursery), cabbage seeds (Some hybrid red kind from Johnny's and a white heirloom called Danish Ballhead), Chinese (Napa) cabbage, and kohlrabi.

The next bed over is kind of a mixture: tomatillo verde plants, Diva cucumber plants, pickling cucumber seeds, and rutabagas.

In the next bed I have three kinds of eggplant that I started indoors from seed: Casper, Rosita, and Listada de Gandia. There are also jalapeno pepper transplants and space enough to plant some of my own pepper seedlings that are still too small to plant out: Sheepnose pimento, Fish, and Healthy, all interesting names from the Seed Savers Exchange catalog. Or was it Baker Creek?

The first bed in the next row contains one zucchini plant, plus several hills of seeds including yellow zucchini, crookneck squash, pumpkin, and Rainbow winter squash. I mentioned the next bed in my previous post, where I planted butternut squash beneath two bean tepees planted with Kentucky Wonder and Ohio Cutshort beans. The next bed over is the lettuce and other greens that I first planted April 9th. The lettuce, arugula, orach, and spinach are ready for fresh salads!

The last bed that was ready to plant contains garlic (planted last fall), red onion sets, carrots, parsnips, and radishes. There are three more raised beds that still need soil, and Russ is going to make a couple more beds this week; all of these I think will get planted with tomatoes, and I still won't have enough space for all of my tomato plants!


Erich said...

Gotta love that Two Hearted Ale! Last time I was at Pizza Luce I tried to order one but forgot the name. I just said, "I'll have...um, the beer that's a Hemingway reference." The waitress looked at me sideways and I got the hairy eyeball all around.

the dharma bum said...

First, just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog and really enjoying it. Seems like you've got some cool things going on. You mentioned you're working on a fish pond, which I think is super cool. One of my dreams for my own little homestead is to get a place with some sort of spring and create a little trout pond.

As for the Two-Hearted Ale: That is one of the finest beers out there. When I first saw it I was asking the guy at the liquor store about it and he was saying "Oh, that's a really tasty brew" and I was set to buy it and when I told him I would have bought it just for the Hemingway reference and I got a pretty funny look...

Anyway, mostly just wanted to say I'm enjoying reading your blog!

Kindred Nutmeg said...

Interesting reading.. Keep it up.. Ale.. haha


Deb said...

Dharma bum and Kindred Nutmeg, thanks for stopping by! What cool names!

Yes, Two Hearted Ale is one of the best, although I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know a lot about the Hemingway reference. I like the lake trout on the label. Two Hearted is the best substitute we've found for Anderson Valley's Hop Ottin' IPA, which no distributor around here carries.

the dharma bum said...

One of Hemingway's most famous short stories (actually two, part I and II) is The Big Two-Hearted River about his perpetual hero, Nick Adams, going on a long hike up a trout stream after returning for the hell of WWI. It's actually a brook trout, a close relative to the laker, on the label, I'm pretty sure. A beautiful piece of art, I actually just magneted one to the refigerator last night...

God, I could use a beer right now.

Anyway, I've got my eye on your blog. :)