Friday, May 13, 2005

Updates, and blogging musings

I heard my first rose breasted grosbeak of the season this morning. They have a song somewhat like that of a robin, but much faster. It's as if you played a 33 rpm record of a robin singing at 45 rpm. (No one under 30 will know what I'm talking about there!) I hope I can spend some time in my woods tomorrow morning with the binoculars, looking for warblers. It's supposed to be rainy/snowy and cold, though. Ah, the joys of springtime in Minnesota!

Speaking of birds, I've added a couple of links to some birding resources on the Web. Just for you, Dan!

It is nice to know that someone out there is reading this and getting something out of it. I started blogging a few months ago, mainly for myself, as a way to get in the habit of writing regularly. This having an unseen audience out there is an intriguing concept; it makes me more conscious of how I write, so instead of just rambling on to myself in a private journal I make an effort to be coherent to others. Its kind of like cleaning the house because company is coming over.

I've noticed in some other people's blogs, it's like a popularity contest, to see how many people are out there reading. There seem to be all kinds of unwritten rules and behaviors involved in the blogging world. I'm out of the loop on a lot of that, and I don't care if I stay that way. I do this because I like doing it, and I'm glad there's at least one person reading, but I'm not screaming "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!"

I occasionally go profile searching, hoping to add to my bookmarks of blogs I like. What really gets my goat, however, are people who take the time to set up a blog, put all kinds of neat things in their profile that make me want to get to know them, and then they DISAPPEAR! They post once, saying hi, welcome to my blog, and that's it. What's the point?

Okay, rant over.