Saturday, May 28, 2005


The starflowers are in bloom. I just saw them for the first time today. Starflowers are one of the wildflowers that line the path, the original path, not the new driveway, to our cabin. They are, like their name, star-shaped, although every one I have seen has had seven points. How unique. You don't see seven of much in nature, or in music. New Grass Revival has a tune called "Seven by Seven" which is the only somewhat-popular song to be written in that meter.

I would have posted a picture, if I had had enough money left over from our tax refund to purchase the 250 dollar digital camera I have on my wish list. But alas, that money got spent on frivolous things like car repairs and getting our driveway in driveable condition. I do have a picture of a starflower, the one I took just after graduating from high school (20 years ago--aaack!!!) when I went on a Boundary Waters canoe trip with my church group. My appreciation of the small things hasn't changed much I guess. Or has it. I think that picture 20 years ago was only a beginning on the journey to the person I am now. I still see starflowers, but now I see so much more. Maybe that starflower, that I thought enough of to photograph, was speaking to me, foretelling of the wondrous discoveries in store for me. Who would have thunk it. Life just keeps getting better!

My latest band name: A Quorum of Losers (Thanks Dan for the post that started it all!)


lené said...

I happened to see my first starflower of the season Saturday too. And, I also think they are particularly special flowers, but I only met my first two years ago.

Even though I have a digital camera, I can't seem to get a good shot of them (or any white flower). Someone recommended using a polarizing filter. We'll see if I can take a photo worth posting in the coming weeks.

Thanks for sharing your story. :)

Erich said...

I really enjoyed this post and "Night Noises."