Saturday, May 28, 2005

Night noises

One advantage to having no indoor plumbing is that I have a reason to go outside in the middle of the night. I see the stars and hear all of the nocturnal creatures. The night this time of year is not dead quiet like it is in the middle of winter; the frogs never seem to quit singing, and if there is any moonlight, certain birds will be calling all night. Even woodcock and ruffed grouse will call (or drum) in moonlight. One bird I have not seen here yet, but have come to know through its nighttime calls, is the sedge wren. It doesn't have a very musical call; it's more like buzzing and clicking. Why does it sing by night? I don't know. The other night I heard at least one, and possibly two, barred owls giving their loud, rhythmic hooting.

And this morning, although it was cool and wet, was filled with bird song. At any given time I could hear red eyed vireo, goldfinch, chestnut sided warbler, black and white warbler, rose breasted grosbeak, chickadee, yellow warbler, ovenbird, veery, song sparrow, and several more I might not know yet. And, oh yes, a wild turkey gobbling! Ten years ago the wildlife managers were saying turkeys would not survive the winter here. Now we know better, although I am questioning whether the resident ruffed grouse, who have not lived with wild turkeys for many years, if ever, are adapted to handle the competition, if there is any.

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