Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the early bird

I've forgotten one of the things I like best about May; it starts getting light so early! I was awake at 4:30 and the first light was coming through the window. I love these windows; I'm so glad I let Russ talk me into getting new, energy efficient, BIG windows for the new bedroom addition instead of just moving some of the smaller windows. The window right above my side of the bed faces east/southeast, so I can see the first light of day, or the rising crescent moon as I did this morning. I went outside when I woke up (call me crazy, I ENJOY peeing outside in the wee hours! :) ) and the woodcock was already peenting and twittering. Persistent little timberdoodle.
Now if the weather would only catch up with the calendar; it was 18 degrees this morning!

I'm not the earliest riser in the world, and I did manage to get back to sleep briefly after my outdoor encounter, but this time of year is an exception. It would be even more of an exception if it weren't so darn cold that even the songbirds are frozen out! I love hearing the birds and frogs in the morning. When I was in my last month of pregnancy with Vincent, who was a June baby, I would wake up every morning at about 4:30. It turned out he was born at 4:30 AM, and even in the intensity of labor and pushing I remarked that I could hear robins and cardinals starting to sing outside the open window.

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