Friday, March 07, 2008

Today's weather: TFCFM*


*Too Freakin Cold For March


Anonymous said...

Here, too, but probably not as cold as you're having. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny with temps in the 40s. Today we won't get out of the 20s and we have snow flurries. At least is flurries and not a real butt-kickin' snow storm. I've had enuff of that!

Laura said...

And that is why I no longer live in Minnesota. At least around here when we complain that it's "cold" it's only around +20.

Penelope said...

I'll wholeheartedly endorse that abbreviated sentiment! (Though it was "only" about -8 down here in Northfield...)

Heidi said...

Funny, this morning I was lying in bed imagining the wonderful feeling of a spring thaw, the door open, birds flitting around, gutters dripping... guess that'll have to wait a while longer.

Deb said...

Momadness- It may get up into the twenties on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it!

Laura- I always tell myself, "But it makes the spring all that more enjoyable!"

Yeah right.

Penelope- I'm amazed this cold weather was all over the state!

Heidi- Believe me, I've been dreaming about open windows and a warm earthy spring breeze. It will happen some time, right?

RuthieJ said...

Yikes, Deb, that's really cold! I guess the only thing we can be thankful for is that it's March and not least now we know it can't last much longer!