Monday, March 24, 2008

The spring that takes forever to arrive

I thought I would have been posting a lot more these last few days. Even after the excitement (?!) of my birthday, there should have been a few things to post about. Spring bird sightings, and all that.

Unfortunately, the weather is not getting better day by day. While I appreciate the above-freezing afternoons that sometimes appear, really there is nothing to show for it. No robins, phoebes, bluebirds, sandhill cranes, and whatever else marks the beginning of spring. I am settling into a "wait and see" mode myself, not feeling like actively going out and looking for things. The wind is howling tonight, with the temperature around 25, so it still feels cold.

I have a few signs of spring in my cook shed, namely seedlings. Red and white kale, spinach, and lately, a few adventurous eggplant and pepper seedlings have sprouted. I need to plant tomatoes soon.

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Anonymous said...

It will all come together very shortly. I live in the bottom of a lake bed so I am highly in favor of a very slow melt. :)