Monday, March 03, 2008

Barred owl update

I saw it again today! It was about a half mile north of where I had seen it before, but in a tree next to the road as usual. Amazing!


Lynne said...

I'm so jealous! I hadn't seen a barred owl in several years until we almost clipped one with the truck driving up in St. Michael. It flew across the road below the level of the truck hood and landed in the ditch. Sweet Art made a u-turn to go back so I could watch it. It seemed to be watching the weeds from the ground for several minutes, then flew up to a power line pole.

Sue said...

When we lived in North Carolina, there was a pair of barred owls that used to nest every year in the woods behind our house. I used to love falling asleep in the early spring, listening to them call back and forth, then later when the babies were out, they made the most amazing screeches.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's nesting nearby? This has to be a harbinger of good things.

robin andrea said...

Love the barred owl photos in the post below. I never get to see owls here in the northwest, not sure why. I know they're here somewhere! Very cool that Mr. Attitude got such a kick of seeing it. That's how young naturalists are sparked!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, we are the Bullhead Capitol of the World. We have a queen and parade. Our queen is called Miss Waterville. But some people call her Miss Bullhead! lol. They deepfry copious amounts of bullheads and sell them. I think I've said enough.

Deb said...

Lynne- glad you guys missed it, and that Art was such a sweetie to turn around so you could watch it!

Sue- That would be so cool to hear them so close, and to hear or see the babies!

Cindy- This owl was about three miles away, but I'm sure nesting is one of its reasons for staying so close to an area. And fried bullhead is great! :)

Robin Andrea- You're in the land of the spotted owl, a close cousin of the barred owl. But they are both quite secretive, and to see one is a blessing.

Funny, the last time (sorry I've temporarily forgotten how to link to posts in comments) I had a close encounter with a barred owl, I ended up pregnant and changing my life drastically within three months. Yikes! Although coincidence does not infer anything...or does it?

Anonymous said...

Our place is the everywhere..and every couple of days we get an inch or two of snow that covers it up! Sneaky stuff!! Beware of broken bones and bad back falls!! Too cool about the owl!