Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The barred owl and I

....are now on almost a first name basis. I can almost be guaranteed now that, on a sunny afternoon, if I just look close, I WILL see it! Yes, I did see it today, a bit further from the road than normal in a skinny birch tree. I haven't been this excited about driving home from work since the great gray owl event of 2005.

On another note, I am so ready for the snow and ice to melt!! Today I was walking out to a dog kennel we use as covered storage except for the middle kennel, where The Brittany and The Chesapeake hang out together during the day. I was getting a bunch of hay for the rabbits. Just as I approached the hay, my legs gave way beneath me as I slid to the right on some ice. As I was going down the upper front of my left ear happened to meet up with the protruding latch to the kennel door. I now have a one inch gash which slightly slices my ear from my head. Just slightly, though. Lots of pain, but I think no need for stitches. But it's really hard to find a Band-aid that will fit, and not be stuck to hair.

It could have been worse. The latch could have hit just a bit lower and caught my earring, thus ripping my earlobe in two. But we won't dwell on the what if's.


Lynne said...

DANG Deb! I've got goosebumps reading about your cut. I hope you've got some ibuprofin and ice. A glass of wine might help too!

kayceebeebee said...

Yikes! That's so scary when it happens because you can't do a thing about it except to hope it doesn't end up in a hospital visit!
And what a relieve when it doesn't.

I'm so anxious for winter to end and warm weather to be here.

Kathy in Mounds View MN

Manerva said...

Get better soon Deb. Spring is on the way shortly with nothing but sunshine & rain showers on the way soon!!

Deb said...

Lynne- Ibuprofin, check. Ice, check. Vodka tonic, CHECK! You've seen the setup, only now it's so much more slippery.

Kayceebeebee- You know, the first thing I thought was, "will this require stitches?" And, my husband had just scratched his eye, so I thought for a while we might make a two for one Urgent Care visit. But, I know they won't do anything for a scratched eye except pain relief, and as long as I keep the two halves of my cut together with a Band Aid, stitches wouldn't do much.

Welcome, by the way, and thanks for commenting!

Manerva- One more cold snap on the way for Friday, but I'm hearing good warm things for Sunday!

Stacie said...

Oh, that's terrible! Glad to hear it wasn't worse. I too am ready for this ice and snow and slush to be done with!

RuthieJ said...

Ouch, Deb! I'm sorry to hear about your nasty fall. We've got some icy patches like that here too--now covered with snow--so you don't know where they are till it's too late!
Hope you feel better soon.

pablo said...

I hear they don't have ice and snow in Florida.

denise said...

I am hard pressed to find a single human who has NOT fallen on the danged ice in this apparently everlasting Winter! It has to end soon, doesn't it?

Take care of yourself and keep your eyes and mind on Spring.

arcolaura said...

Yeeowtch! That sounds messy. Hope it tidies up well. And I'd hope for spring to come to you soon, except that might mean we wouldn't get any more snow here, and we still need it. We got just a little in the last few days. This weekend we are off to Regina for a Native Plant Society meeting where they are having a panel on climate change and how it may affect our regional vegetation. I'm hoping to get some insights on drought risk and also on the patterns of spring thaws here. Do you suppose the winters are feeling longer because we get more weather around the freezing mark and thus more ice? I think so.

Anonymous said...

omg, deb. that sounds so painful. I am surprised you don't need stitches. Hope you ARE ok! I have done a couple loop''d'loops myself on ice this winter and it does take a bit to recover. One was a slip walking the dog that dropped me to a knee. was surprised to not have cracked it, but man, did I wrench my back in the process as well as bruising the knee--take care!

Deb said...

Stacie- Welcome and thanks for commenting! One more cold night here, then it's supposed to warm up.

RuthieJ- Luckily the new snow bonded overnight with the ice, so things are a bit less slippery around here.

Pablo- Let's go visit Floridacracker. For a few weeks or so. That should do it.

Denise- It had to have been so much worse for you! Glad I escaped with a little stripe on my ear.

ArcoLaura- It seems to me the winters are getting later around here; I used to think around mid February that at least the cold snaps were over. I don't know if it's having more weather around the freezing point; it seems like high temps above 25F are pretty rare these days.

Momadness- My left arm is achy today, because I caught myself with it. I just thought stitches would be a vanity thing, I mean usually that part of my ear is covered with hair, so a little scar would be no big deal. But, it's amazing what a little slip on the ice can do. Take care.

Deb said...

Ear update: It seems to have scabbed over enough where I don't need a band aid to hold it together, and getting stitches would have been overkill. It only hurts when I press on it. Still, this qualifies as one of the weirdest injuries I have had. Let's hope it's the weirdest ever.

Floridacracker said...

We do keep ice in our freezers so visitors from the north can feel at home.

Be careful Deb. Hope you mend quick.

Larry said...

Sorry to hear about that nasty cut.-I like your new header photo-It's been a while since I checked in.-Barred Owls are one of the few owls that I've had a close look at.-What I really like about them is hearing the sounds they make.-Not just the who cooks for you? call but the other odd sounds they make.

gtr said...

Ouch!! Here's wishing you happy healing. I am really ready for winter to be over, too!

Deb said...

FC- Thanks, it will take some time to adjust. ;)

Larry- A few years ago when I was living in northwestern Minnesota I had a barred owl visit my house every day for about two weeks. It was the coolest thing.

GTR- It's on the mend already. It just kind of hurts when I'm sleeping on that ear. Today was nice, almost 30 and very strong sun!