Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall stuff

It seems life is going by too fast. It is fish rearing-pond harvest time at work, my tomatoes have been put to bed, the kids are well settled in to the school routine. Another autumn, but I am taking time to enjoy the brilliant colors of this year.

The Minnesota Twins clinched their playoff berth yesterday with a win over the Kansas City Royals (sorry Pablo!). I'm so happy for them; here they were in mid-June, with the worst record in the majors, several key players injured throughout the season, yet they managed to turn it around and introduce a number of promising young farm-club players who helped them to get where they are. All this in a season dedicated to #34, Kirby Puckett, perhaps the greatest Twin ever.

Okay, now comes the confession: I haven't watched a single game all season. The excuse: we are not within antenna range of a station that carries Twins games. That in itself may be a good reason to get satellite TV.

Good news: I am about to restart my home brewing operation! I haven't brewed beer for, gosh what is it, five years or so, but today The Hermit was in St. Paul for a couple of meetings associated with his new job, and he found the time to go to my favorite homebrew shop in my favorite neighborhood of St. Paul, perhaps my favorite city anywhere. Oh wait, there's Duluth. Anyway, he bought a brew kit and the equipment that we have lost or destroyed through the years of moving around aimlessly, so this weekend my kitchen will once again be filled with the sweet smell of wort, and I will be treated to the intermittent noise of gas released through an airlock on a fermenter. Heaven. And I'll be sure to blog updates on the progress of the brew!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you and Chive will have to swap brewing exploits! He's on his fourth (?) batch of wine right now. He tried beer a couple years ago but it really went badly, so I'm sure if you've got a secret "recipe" he'd be all ears. Good luck!

pablo said...

"intermittent noise of gas released" Priceless.

What are the Royals? Is that some sporting team?

Deb said...

madcap- I happen to have an extra copy of a really good guide to brewing beer. Email me if you're interested.

pablo- Obviously you're not too heartbroken over the Twins kicking their butts.

Floridacracker said...

Not that you need any advice, but my old college roommate "ThunderDave" is a master brewer and a hell of a nice guy. I have a link ("Thunder and Lightnin") to him at Pure Florida.
He loves talkin' brewin'

Fish pond harvest ... high reading on the envymeter.

Deb said...

FC- I will check out ThunderDave! Thanks for the info! although, from the looks of things, he's way out of my league in brewing. I mean, the contraption he had in his last brewing post just blows my mind! :)