Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coming soon to Sand Creek Almanac

A "heads up" to all you fans of feathered friends: The 32nd edition of I and the Bird will appear on this blog one week from Thursday! Most readers of this blog probably know about IATB already, but for those who don't, here's what it's about:
I and the Bird is a carnival celebrating the interaction of human and avian, an ongoing exploration of the endless fascination with birdlife all around the world. It is also a biweekly showcase of the best bird writing on the web published on alternating Thursdays.
This is my first attempt at hosting a blog carnival and I'm excited! I have received several very good submissions already, but there's room for many more! So if you have any bird-related blogging you would like to share, by all means send me a link and a short description to flutemandolin AT gmail DOT com. Deadline is one week from today, Tuesday September 12.


MojoMan said...

Hi, Deb. Is there any special theme for your edition of IATB?

Thanks for reading my post about bug zappers and for your comment.

Dan Trabue said...

This sounds cool, I'm not familiar with it. Will you be posting various essays on birds or how's it work?

Deb said...

Dan- Basically, a blog carnival (or festival) is a collection of links to blog posts around a central topic, in this case birds. People can submit their own work or recommend someone else's, and this weekend I plan to spend some time scouting aroung for suitable entries. Then on Wednesday I'll make a post that somehow presents everything in a coherent, entertaining way, hit the "publish" button, and voila!