Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my secret walk

This is where I go when I can't stand to sit indoors at the messy lunchroom table making idle chitchat. There's no time for that nonsense in the middle of the summer, not when a place like this beckons!

This mowed path runs along the top of a berm with a fish rearing pond on one side and a river on the other. Thickets of honeysuckle, grapevine, staghorn sumac, and other shrubs line the pond side, while tall willows and other trees shade the path from the river side. Through these trees I can hear the water rushing over rocks.

The pond now contains young muskies and minnows, plus crayfish, turtles, frogs, and other critters. A family of geese was lounging on the other side of the pond in the sun. Red winged blackbirds called from the cattails and bulrushes at the far end. Sometimes I will startle a great blue heron or green heron from the shore. Today's bird sightings included a male cardinal, catbird, red breasted nuthatch, and a male redstart, which kept calling to me until I located his flashy presence.

I don't know if many other people know that this area is considered open to the public, or have the idea to go walking there, because I never have seen anyone else there at noon. I'm happy about that, though; this is my place to disappear for ten or fifteen minutes in the middle of the day.


pablo said...

I wish I had an escape route like that for my lunch breaks. As it is, I am six stories up in the middle of the urban core, and even my own car is two miles away.

I promise I won't tell the publich about your secret place.

Jim said...

What a trip!

I'm sitting here drooling over your secret place and wondering what to say, when downstairs, from the iPod, on random play with 11,335 songs, comes Tecumseh Valley by Deb & Fred.

That's the second time that's happened when I've been visiting your blog.


...and spine-tingling

Floridacracker said...

Okay, time to start a seasonal sequence. This is the summer shot...we'll need fall, winter, and spring.

lené said...

Your description of the place was great. I felt like I could hear the water too. Most of the plants sound like those here, though I'm not familiar with the willows that you mentioned. I'm still wishing to see a green heron. Glad to know you have a secret (and quiet) place for yourself. :) Do you walk there in the winter too?