Saturday, June 03, 2006

garden of dreams

Almost all planted! Now, GROW!!!

I really thought today would be pure torture. Yesterday while I was still at work I started feeling really achy, and by the time I came home I had full-blown "flu-like symptoms". I spent a feverish, aching night wedged between Mr. Attitude and the wall, with Sally preventing me from stretching my legs. She's decided that since she's getting too big to sleep under the bed, the logical place to sleep is on top of the bed. And what Sally wants, Sally gets. :) Oh yeah, and Puffball started doing "cat adoration time" at the usual 4 AM. I awoke feeling groggy and miserable. This did not bode well for the day, THE DAY that I intended to get the rest of the garden planted.

But, amazingly, after a few cups of coffee and a couple ibuprofen, I started to feel better. I headed out to the garden thinking, okay, I'll do the bare minimum if I have to. Planting beans isn't that strenuous, is it?

I planted beans. And squash. And peppers. And tomatoes. I cut weeds and mowed a little. I hauled horse manure to a little flower bed on the south side of the cabin. And when The Hermit came home with a new 200 feet of hose, I hooked it up and watered the garden. Yes, it is that far from the well pump to the garden, and last year we were hauling jugs of water with the garden tractor. I'm getting soft these days, demanding such luxuries.

Speaking of luxuries, how about 4 new lounge chairs from K Mart, to replace the ones by the pond that had brittle, broken plastic and rusty ratchets so it was hard to position them just right. Ahh, I'm living like a queen now!

And at 8:30 PM, still no sign of recurring flulike symptoms! Strange, but I'll take it.


Floridacracker said...

A hose?

What a you'll be wanting an indoor shower.

pablo said...

That's a good looking garden, but it seems like an awful lot of work. Isn't your growing season like two weeks long or something?

madcapmum said...

Hey! that's the garden of MY dreams!

I'm glad you're feeling better. It was probably just one of those "go putter in the garden" signals.

Deb said...

FC- Yeah, that's what happens once you get a taste of the good life...

pablo- Two weeks or so, that's about it. Just checked my archives from last year, and we were getting low temps in the 30's in July!

madcapmum- you'll get there! I had no idea this was in the cards even five years ago.