Monday, June 26, 2006

more marmots

The Hermit found these while mowing behind the garage today. I think Puffball is the daddy. His reproductive ability has since been altered.

It should be illegal for kittens to be so cute.


madcapmum said...

Gosh, they ARE cute! I thought I was impervious to the cuteness of marmots, but I'd just about want to take these guys home.

Deb said...

I think they just might be the most marketable kittens I've seen here; they could almost pass for flame point Siamese. However, I will have pressure to keep them, some coming from within, and I'm resigning myself to becoming one of those cat-ladies, who is discovered, at age seventy five, with over one hundred cats in her tiny domicile.

Norene said...

yes, those kittens are far too adorable. how could you NOT become one of those cat ladies?

Laura said...

We had a cat like that - pure white except for the orange tips. And beautiful personality, too; the most affectionate, sweet-tempered cat I ever saw. Used to sleep curled against my ankles while Garth was away.

She made us into a cat family, and then died very young. Now we have a polar opposite cat - friendly in a way, but only his way. He loves a crowd of strangers, flops down in the midst of them, but don't anyone try to touch him unless he chooses it. He will NEVER come sit on a lap; if he consents to remain on a lap (when picked up) for 10 seconds, it is an occasion for great rejoicing.