Friday, June 16, 2006

closeout sale day at the greenhouse

Lord help us.

But, we needed all this stuff, really. We needed a reason to make one more, gigantic raised bed. We needed a few perennials for the rock garden The Hermit just made yesterday. We needed three more blueberry plants, and we could not afford to pass up the "buy two, get one free" deal.

And, we saved over fifty dollars off the regular prices. Which means we spent...well, never mind.

By the way, a '91 Honda Accord makes a nice greenhouse. It would be even better with a sunroof.


PJ said...

HA! That WAS my first thought-gee, they even use their car!
Have fun!

madcapmum said...

That's a great greenhouse, but I think it needs a few design adjustments. Those seats just have to go!

Deb said...

Oh, I'm getting my "real" greenhouse yet..may even have it by the fall!

Endment said...

And now to the work of planting ---
We did the same thing a few days ago... (but in a car that was bigger than a honda :) I found one more plant that I simply had to have - both the nurseryman and my husband told me I couldn't get it into the car :)
Love plants - love the post - love the greenhouse :)

lené said...

Makes me wish I was planting this year.