Friday, April 11, 2008

The wind in the pines

My apologies to those of you on dialup. A still photo just doesn't capture the power of the wind today.

We are in the middle of a whopper of an April blizzard here. The wind is howling and the snow keeps falling. I can't tell how much we've had, because it's blowing around so much, but I shoveled a good 8 inches off the steps this morning. Of course, I stayed home. It just wasn't worth it to drive nearly 30 miles to work in these conditions, and school was canceled for the day. I found that out about 2 AM when I woke up and decided to check the school web site. I quietly told The Hermit, but as I was getting into bed I heard a delighted giggle from Calvin, who apparently had heard me.

I spent my morning in the cook shed, as I usually do during snow days. I washed dishes while the bread machine worked on a whole wheat dough for the meatball calzones we had for lunch. There is corned beef in the slow cooker; I will add cabbage later for our dinner. Right now I am trying to decide which musical instrument to pick up first in my precious free time.


MojoMan said...

That's pretty spooky wind! These days, I always worry about wind damage. How far, as the wind blows, are you from the lake?

barefoot gardener said...

Isn't this storm just the pits? I had to go to work in it last night and then come home in the aftermath this morning. I know we didn't get it nearly as bad as you did, but it has definitely been bad enough to make driving miserable.

I really like the sound of the wind in the pines, though. It is kind of cool to be able to hear it without the freezing rain slapping me in my face and working it's way down the back of my neck....

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Deb, that's some pretty fierce wind! On top of all your snow, I don't blame you for staying home today.

pablo said...

Nice video of the wind, but tell me again what all of that white stuff is.

Floridacracker said...

Pablo I think it might be beach sand.
What else could it be?

Deb said...

Mojoman- We are about fifty miles, as the wind blows, from the lake. So it is a pretty windy inland storm.

BG- I am so glad I have a job with enough vacation leave to be able to have made the choice I did. It just would not have been worth it.

RuthieJ- I can't believe how long the wind kept howling, right from Thursday into Saturday.

Pablo and FC- Beach sand. Yeah...we had a huge sandstorm here, with cold temperatures to boot.

I'm glad this kind of sand melts.