Saturday, April 19, 2008

The weather sucks...

A high of 38 in April, and gusty winds? I am holing up inside, and I refuse to come out until Nature offers me a sunny, calm 60 degree day.

I did have one happy for the day. I got a cluster of statements from our health insurance provider, and among them were two claims that had been reprocessed and OUR DEDUCTIBLE REMOVED. They tried to overcharge us on our deductible last year. I have been fighting with the insurance company for a couple of months on this, so I am happy this has been resolved and we will either get a credit or a check from our clinic.

I saw and heard my first of year song sparrow today. I didn't get out beyond the end of the driveway to see anything else. It was a "jammie pants" kind of day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, so I may be found out in the garden.


jan m said...

Sorry about your temperatures. Wish we could have shared our 83 degrees with you. That's very unusual for upstate New York in April, so we really enjoyed it!

Deb said...

Jan M- Wow, that's warm! We usually get a day or two like that here in April, but not this year.