Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring looks like...

My garden, at long last revealed. I am entertaining ideas of starting to move some of that good horse pasture dirt tomorrow and start some greens in one bed. If it's dry enough.

The pond, with ice melting away from the edges.

What happened here? Hint: My shoes were very wet.

Pussy willows in all their fuzziness.

Today's new sightings include a meadowlark, probably Eastern just because I haven't heard Westerns sing around here. I heard a woodcock peenting at the break of dawn; I forgot to go outside at twilight to hear it again, but I know it was there. Have I mentioned red winged blackbirds yet? They are here. And I decided to go out to my car for something this morning when I was at work, and just as I got outside I heard the distinctive call of a flock of tundra swans! They were flying low, so I could see them well without binoculars, and they flew right over the office. Tundra swans are kind of hit or miss; you have to be at the right place at the right time. Calvin saw eight wood ducks on the creek this afternoon, and I happened to be close enough that I heard them enough to confirm they were wood ducks.

The temperature reached 60 today! I drove home with my windows open, hoping to hear some Western chorus frogs, but apparently they need another warm day or so to activate.


Floridacracker said...

That is a huge garden!
We are on spring break this week so I hope to redo mine. Time to phase out coolweather greens and put in the peppers and tomatoes.

Ed Bruske said...

Nice hoop houses. I remember winters like that growing up in Chicago. We don't have much of that here in D.C., sadly.

RuthieJ said...

Looks like spring is getting closer, Deb....just need the last of that snow to melt away!
Very cool you got to see those Tundra Swans, it's neat to hear something different flying over and realize it's not just another group of Canada geese.

Deb said...

FC- My peppers and tomatoes are but tiny seedlings right now. I didn't get greens planted because they were predicting a major snowstorm, which didn't happen here although Virginia, MN got 32 inches!

Ed Bruske- The hoop houses are a necessity to grow tomatoes here, I have found. I'm planning on putting up more of them for peppers and eggplant this year. Spring in Minnesota is kind of a cruel joke; just when you think you have one nice day...BAM!

Tonight isn't that bad. I hear two different woodcock doing their display, and sandhill cranes were calling earlier.

Deb said...

RuthieJ- I am so glad the BIG snow stayed to the north. We just got a lot of rain here, which was probably good.

A flock of tundra swans is always something very special to behold. My coworker told me he saw four flocks flying low over his house this weekend.

Larry said...

I only see like a couple of meadowlarks a year in CT.-They are always nice to see and hear.