Monday, April 21, 2008

finally...more progress on the house!

Our carpenter called yesterday and said he would be coming by to start work on the We had known he would be by sometime in a week or so. The snow is finally gone from around the house, except for a small pile on the north side, so they can set up scaffolding.

Here's a nice looking detail that wasn't in the original plans. See the roof overhang, and the brackets? I think it's lovely! It just accents the roofline perfectly. And the brackets look like perfect phoebe nesting habitat as well. :)

I am enjoying the sounds of spring peepers and wood frogs, as well as our first spring thunderstorm tonight. Also, earlier as I was admiring the house I heard two bird sounds I haven't identified yet. My car thermometer read 80 degrees as I left the office this afternoon! Of course, I park next to a south facing wall that probably amplifies the heat, but it still read 74 at home.


jan m said...

how exciting to have the roof work underway....glad you finally got some warm weather.

barefoot gardener said...

How wonderful! Your house looks fabulous.

Floridacracker said...

Wow, it seems as though you've gone from winter to summer in a few posts!

Deb said...

Jan M- You can only imagine how excited I am! And this weather is what I've been needing.

Barefoot Gardener- Thank you! Actually I was visualizing the roof line as something very different than what it turned out to be...and it looks much better in reality.

FC- Yes, in a week we have gone from blizzards and 20 degree lows to highs in the 70s and thunderstorms. That's Minnesota.