Monday, April 14, 2008


Have you noticed that I have not been posting as much lately?

Probably, if my Site Meter is any indicator. I've been posting less, but you've been visiting less.

But it's not a blow to my ego, really. I've been focused on other things. Like our planetary crisis. I am sick of reading doomsday stuff about it, so lately I've been reading Bill McKibben's Deep Economy and Paul Hawken's Blessed Unrest. They both kind of give the idea that yeah, we're in a crisis, but people are doing something about it! All I know is, I have to live the earth friendly life that works for me here, teach my children how to love the land, and that is the best I can do in my corner of the world.

That, and play music. Feel the music as it comes from many generations ago, the spirit of laughing and singing. I try to do fifteen minutes of practice a day on the banjo, my most challenging instrument. Sunday I even found a musical lick I called my own on guitar, and played a few chunes on flute.

Everyone engaged in playing music on their own, creating, is part of the rebellion.

There is so much more I have been thinking and feeling compelled to DO lately. It's all good, I believe it, and blogging about it may just be part of my mission here on Earth.

No, I'm not going freaky or something. I just think I may have found my sense of purpose.


Anonymous said...

Deb, On HGTV this season, their motto, I guess you could call it, is "change the world...start at home" Sounds good to me.

MojoMan said...

Your thoughts on how we might all live more gently on the land should provide a wonderful source of blogging topics and I hope you share them with us. I read "Deep Economy" just a year ago and found it thought-provoking, stimulating and optimistic in a McKibben sort of way. More recently, I've been reading a lot of stuff by James Howard Kunstler and he has a much darker view of what will happen as the oil runs out, but I fear he is closer to the truth about where we are headed.

denise said...

Mojoman--Kunstler is one of my favorites. I think he's brilliant, but you are correct, he can be very doom n' gloom.

Anyone interested can read Kunstler's weekly post here Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kuntsler

Deb, I understand. Sometimes it's like a haze lifting and you can finally see where you need to go. Find and follow the path that is right for you. For some reading with a more positive attitude than Kuntsler, try "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingslover.

barefoot gardener said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling inspired to follow your own path.

RuthieJ said...

I'm glad you've got your music, Deb. I think it's similar for me with my knitting. Taking the time to do something for yourself, but ultimately benefits others (and earth friendly too!)

Deb said...

Cindy- If I ever get a moment alone with the TV, I'll have to remember to check out HGTV.

MojoMan- I'm a big fan of Kunstler's Web site, although I have not read one of his books. I just reserved "The Long Emergency" from the library today. It will be at the local branch in a day or two, just when I've finished Hawken.

Denise- I've been debating reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", partly because I think it's one of those books I would just totally agree with so should I spend my time reading and agreeing? But it would be enjoyable.

Barefoot Gardener- And I am glad when I read your blog, just hearing your commitment and desire to live a simple homegrown lifestyle even when it seems there's so much standing in the way of your goals.

RuthieJ- Yes, knitting definitely counts as a Rebellious Act in my book! Any act of creation that defies market economy and efficiency is good. :)