Wednesday, January 02, 2008

spectacular Sandstone sunset

This is the view from the parking lot of Rich's Bar and Offsale Liquor. I was just walking out, six pack of Bell's Winter Ale in hand, and was captivated by the sky. I happened to have my digital camera handy in my purse.

I was doing laundry across the road, at the extreme right of the picture. I hate laundromats, but that one is pretty clean.


eric said...

Did you drink your beer at the laundromat? ;-) I'd deny it if pressed, but in the very distant past, I found that a small amount of the Official Plant of the Minnesota University System made doing laundry far more tolerable. Great photo, Deb!

dharma bum said...

wow. another beautiful photo. thanks for sharing!

i haven't tried bell's winter yet, but i'm a fan of winter ales in general so i'll have to check it out.

happy new year!

Carolyn H said...

Wow! What a gorgeous sky. I love when I have my camera with me and something *great* just happens.

Carolyn h.

barefoot gardener said...

I am so jealous! I never seem to have my camera handy when I see good stuff like that.

momadness said...

Hi there--catching up after a bit of a break; glad you're still out here posting; I'll always be back to visit. Absolutely gorgeous picture. Hope the new year brings you much joy!

denise said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for the Winter cheer.

Deb said...

Eric- I'll admit, I had one out in the car while I was waiting for the first round of dryers. Laundry is depressing.

Greg/DB- Thank you. I just got into white ales about a year ago, and although I seem to have lost my taste for many beers (sigh!) I can handle a good Witbier. Bell's is better than Blue Moon.

Carolyn H- Thank you. Believe me, more often than not I am thinking "Where is my camera!"

Momadness- Great to hear from you. May the new year bring you much joy as well!

Denise- You're welcome!

By the way, I found my lupine seeds that I promised to send out! They were in my spice cupboard, of all places. I am 99% sure they are lupines. :) Will get them out shortly; after all, spring seed starting time will be soon!

Floridacracker said...

Amazing photo Deb!
You must be freezing up there because we are 24 degrees at 11:54 pm.

flower, field, n forest said...

What a beautiful cold pink frozen sky that is.

denise said...

Thanks for the lupines! I could use some thoughts of Spring!

Deb said...

FC- Thanks. We were about 5 degrees this morning, but got up to 30. This weekend is supposed to be mild (for Minnesota).

F, F*F- "Cold pink frozen sky"...I like that!

Denise- I will search some growing instructions and get them in the mail early next week.

Larry said...

Beautiful color of the background sky and the house fits in nicely too.