Monday, January 28, 2008

January thaw

It got up to 42 today, according to my car's thermometer. This won't last, as we are supposed to get back to 20 below tomorrow night. That's a difference of 60 degrees!

At least, the quick thaw and freeze will mean an amazing surface for my skating pond. Better than if I had the time to manage it myself.


Lynne said...

Isn't it just nuts? I heard tonight's low will be the high temperature for the next few days. The AC Carlson sign read 53 degrees this afternoon!

BTW- did you sign up for Sax-Zim?

Heidi said...

Should be interesting weather this week. I nearly skated off 43 tonight at 10 super fast mph. Decided to turn around, and ended up sliding around for a few minutes in every direction besides the one I wanted to go. Thankfully, other roads were salted and drivable.

denise said...

"Eagerly" awaiting the arrival of this interesting weather tonight. Right now it's 40 and raining in Milwaukee. They are predicting 3 below overnight, with accompanying wind chills. Probably sounds like a piece of cake to you seriously "Up North" folks!

dharma bum said...

Hi Deb - what's the snow like up there? I finally got new cross-country skis and had a lovely weekend skiing up by Lutsen, and now I'm jonesing to get out again and we have nothing but frozen slush down here. I was considering a trek to St. Croix or Banning State Park on Saturday, but can't find reliable conditions. I figured you'd be a good person to ask. :)


Floridacracker said...

My JEEP doesn't have a thermometer, but then ... why would it?
Brrrrr!Only in Minnesotarctica is 42 a "thaw".

nina said...

You must take pictures of the surface--mine created an unusual effect--come see!

(glad to find another winter skating lover)

Deb said...

Lynne- I'm still debating about Sax Zim- mainly it's the anniversary issue. I'll let you know.

Heidi- I just hate the combination of slippery roads and logging trucks.

Denise- sounds like it was about the same here Monday night.

Dharma bum- We've had no new snow here since the weekend before New Year's. I haven't been on the ski trails, but I'm guessing they're probably pretty icy.

FC- You've got a point there about the Jeep. 42 felt downright toasty- I was outside with flip flops on.

Nina- I read your post- very lovely. This weekend I should be able to get out there without freezing too badly!

denise said...

I understand the flip-flops at 42! We saw someone on Sunday, when it was in the high 30's, jogging in shorts!

From 40 and raining we dropped to 9 below (wind chill minus 32) and rock solid. My bird bath heater switched itself off in the night, but a quick jab at the reset button this morning set it right again. The brick of ice took about an hour to thaw a small spot of clear water. A few intrepid sparrows ventured to the feeder by 7 this morning. How do those little guys survive?

I stay warm in spirit by fondling my seed packets and picturing the coming garden!