Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Forgot to mention, birds

Approximately three and a half miles north of where I work, there is an open pasture, with a few mature trees off in the distance. I scan the pasture and the trees every day, looking for signs of bird life. I do this deliberately, because last year, almost every day I could see a red tailed hawk perched in one of those far off trees. Today I saw the white breast at 60 mph, and when I stopped and scanned with my binoculars I saw the red tailed culprit firsthand. Sweet.

I also stopped to see a bald eagle perched in a tree a couple miles to the north, where I had seen bald eagle perch before but I have no idea why. Open water? Maybe springs in a ditch, I don't know.

The third bird was a bald eagle on the ice of the Kettle River. I was going by too fast to stop or observe, but it looked like it was eating something.


momadness said...

We have a hawk out in our neighborhood and while we enjoy feeding the birds we always hope we're not setting them up for attack. One day recently I went to look out the back window to see which birds were visiting (great viewing from that spot) and man, feathers were everywhere in a huge radius. The hawk was standing right int he middle of that radius gulping down the last of a pigeon he had nailed in perfect view just feet away from my deck. I try and accept nature for how it is but that was not the sight I was hoping for when I looked out the window. O.M.G.

RuthieJ said...

Great bird sightings, Deb. My spousal unit noticed a bald eagle on our way home from work the other day too. I love being able to see them regularly in our neighborhood now.

robin andrea said...

When Roger and I were driving north on Highway 101 the other day, we saw three bald eagles in southern Monterey County. Quite a surprise. We've driven this route many times, and have never seen eagles before. Our visit to California has been filled with many Red-shouldered Hawk sightings. I said to R the other day, I guess on this trip, that hawk must be our totem animal.

Deb said...

Momadness- What a sight. I don't know if I could take the sight of a hawk devouring one of my chickadees.

RuthieJ- It is totally amazing how bald eagles have come back to the point where they are an almost daily sighting.

Robin Andrea- Red shouldered hawks are a rarity around here. I bet each one is just as precious as the last.

By the way, we lived for a brief time in Mendocino County, 18 miles from the coast. The bird I remembered the most from there was the white tailed kite. Beautiful. I also have memories of a one armed storekeeper who supposedly used to build pipe bombs...and a bluegrass jam in Booneville where any mention of "smoke" would bring out a joint that was freely passed around...but that's Mendocino County. So many stories. :)

Larry said...

I love looking for Bald Eagles in the winter in CT-I think there are a lot more of them in your state than ours.