Wednesday, January 30, 2008

maybe I'm getting too used to this weather

It was a usual morning. Wake up at 5:56, stay under the covers until 6:00, wake Calvin and Starflower, make coffee, etc. I glanced at the thermometer: 20 below. I stepped outside and heard the wind rushing in the pines. My cheeks stung with cold as I went out to warm up the car. We made it out to the road a minute early.

A minute later, no bus.

Three minutes later, no bus.

The radio announcer comes on with "just about every school in the northland is closed today". Usually that means our district is still open. But after five more minutes we went back to the house, I checked the school's website, and...surprise! School is closed!

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that they would close school just because of 20 below weather and wind chill of who knows what. I think they've had school before on colder days.

It's supposed to warm up by the weekend.


denise said...

I believe you have just personified the word "intrepid"!

Floridacracker said...

Snow Day!
We get hurricane days.

LisaZ said...

Hi! I just found your blog by googling "heirloom seeds st. cloud minnesota". Don't know how it got to you, but I like your blog.

I'm in St. Cloud. My husband remembers going to some guy in the country near here a few years ago for heirloom seeds. We're trying to figure out where that was...

Oh well. Happy to find a MN blog.


Deb said...

Denise- Intrepid is as intrepid does. A lot of times I'm just a wimp.

FC- I reminded the kids, as they were celebrating, that this day would be added on to the end of the school year. They didn't care today, but they will then.

LisaZ- Nice to meet you, and welcome! I am very into heirloom seeds, although I plant way more than I save at this point. Still trying to find a good tomato that will survive the occasional summer freeze. :)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Schools in Rochester were closed yesterday buses wouldn't start because the biodiesel fuel they use jelled up. I guess somebody forgot what happens to diesel fuel when it gets really cold because we've haven't had "normal Minnesota" January weather for so many years. (I'm sure the kids were happy though!)

arcolaura said...

Buses didn't run here for the last two days. They don't close school anymore, though - there are still classes for the town kids like mine, but in reality, not much happens in those classes. A lot of town kids stay home, if they find out in time. If it's a wind-chill thing, they often make the bus decision the evening before. The town kids were complaining that the bus kids get word early, so they can sleep in. Now the bus kids have started texting their friends, so they all stay home!

On Tuesday, there were no buses, but my mom and dad and daughter drove to Regina for doctor appointments and bagpipe and flute lessons. Of course, unlike the average bus kids, they had lots of warm clothes in the car.

hand tools said...

I remember when I was a kid the school bus did come but the driver's job that day was to inform that school's closed due to exterminating some bee hives found in the school compound. We trooped back to sleep after that. It was the happiest morning for a long time.