Sunday, January 20, 2008

Part 2: Enjoy da Boydz!

Terribly lit picture, sorry, of some incredible pine grosbeaks and a common redpoll who happened to show up. Our feeder was a constant center of activity as chickadees, nuthatches (red and white breasted), goldfinches, redpolls, and pine grosbeaks sought energy to withstand the cold (high 2 degrees maybe?) temperatures.


Floridacracker said...

The goldfinches are thick in my Mom's backyard feeder zone too.

pablo said...

So that's where all of the little birds went. We haven't had them at our feeders since the surprise ice storm in mid-December. I haven't had to fill the feeder once since then. Sad.

Rurality said...

Every time I feel like it's cold here, I have only to visit your blog to find out what cold really is!

denise said...

I knew we had it easy. I think our high was 8. ABOVE zero!!! ;-)

We don't seem to have much variety at the feeder lately. Mostly just house sparrows. Even the juncos are gone. Spotted a cardinal last week, but haven't seen him since. Maybe when it warms up a bit we'll see some more colorful feathers.

Deb said...

FC- I think we are on the northern fringe of goldfinch winter range. Glad your Mom has them there to enjoy. Any painted buntings?

Pablo- I can't believe all the birds just left your area! When I lived in MO, I think it was a mild winter but we had birds all the time.

Rurality- I'm sure whatever you're feeling there is cold. The Hermit and I went for a short walk this afternoon, and it was just slightly above zero, but it felt warm, although my face and extremities were freezing.

Denise- I thought of you when we were watching the Packers game...they looked very cold!

Larry said...

Nice! great birds to have visit your yard-You're lucky with birds in that neck of the woods.