Wednesday, December 05, 2007

today's bird count

Bald eagles- 2
Pine grosbeaks- everywhere. We're having a real irruption of them this year.
Snow buntings- 2 flocks
Mourning doves- one small flock, strange for so far north
Turkeys- one flock. I got to see two of them fly when my car got too close for comfort. With the snow on the road and the way I was skidding, even with anti lock brakes, I thought I'd have me a turkey dinner.
Chickadees- the constant of the winter.


Floridacracker said...

Your robins are here. I saw my first flock last week.

lodestar said...

and don't forget the nuthatches and juncoes...and bluejays...and hairy/downy woodpeckers...and pileateds...We had a few pine grosbeaks in the highbush cranberries...feeding...and a dozen wild turkeys...and a family of grouse.

Near the Headwaters of the Mississippi, Itasca Park.

Richard said...

You sure get different birds a little further north then where I am. Would love to see Pine Grosbeaks and Snow Buntings.

Richard said...

Think I finally figured out how to do this so you can get my blogger address.

JoAnn said...

Finally figured out how to do this!I'm the one who has land near you which my son is taking care of of now (with all the lupines along the road I e-mailed you about)
Saw a bald eagle near our house near a seasonal stream that is flowing now and to my knowledge has no fish in it. Don't know how long it took for him to figure that out : ) or maybe he knows something I don't P.S. We currently live in Northeast Wa 50 miles south of the Canadian border and 50 miles west of Idaho

Deb said...

FC- At least I know they're in good hands.

Lodestar- Welcome, thanks for commenting! Of course I overlooked a few common birds, although I haven't seen a junco in a few weeks. But I have been seeing lots of pileateds.

By the way, interesting blog--will be back to check it out further. I worked and lived near Park Rapids for about a year, sort of in your area.

Richard- the pine grosbeaks and snow buntings must stay more to the northeast. And thanks for the blog address--I'll be checking in!

JoAnn- Good to hear from you! And, I haven't forgotten about the lupine seeds. I just...uhhh..misplaced them, although I know they are in a Ziploc bag somewhere in my cook shed.

I don't know why the eagles hang out where they do. They seem to fly over open water, but even in streams with no big fish to be found.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Sorry....all your juncos are at my place! I love those busy little guys.

That's interesting about your MODOs. I had 4 start showing up at my feeders again since all the snow. Wonder where they've been hanging out prior to that??