Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Seven Random Things meme

I've been tagged for this meme by one of my oldest blogging buddies, Lene at Counting Petals. Well actually she's not old, she's younger than I am, but you know what I'm saying! :)

When I started thinking of things that would be remotely unique or interesting about myself, I had a sneaking suspicion: "Hey, haven't I done this before?" Sure enough, back in August, I did the Eight Random Facts meme, and even listed two extra things. This made it more difficult; I was careful to not duplicate anything.

So here goes:

1. Like Barefoot Gardener, I often have very epic, vivid dreams with the most outrageous characters and storylines. Sometimes I even compose complex prose and poetry in the dreams. If I don't wake up too quickly, sometimes I'm consciously aware of what I'm dreaming. It's way more entertaining than TV!

2. When I was little, I wanted to have a Jeep or a van and drive around the country, especially the Rocky Mountains, camping and singing John Denver-like songs. I heard "Rocky Mountain High" on the radio yesterday and I had major flashbacks to that dream of my youth.

3. I don't "get" a lot of poetry or visual art. I "get" some classical music, but it helps if I've played it. Like Beethoven's First Symphony, Mahler's First (last movement), and Schubert's "Unfinished".

4. I used to absolutely love water skiing. I haven't done it for about twenty years. I was also into wind surfing for a while. I still have the sailboard at my dad's garage. I would like to try it again someday.

5. I absolutely hate making phone calls, especially at work. If I can get work business done by email, I will.

6. I just Googled some key words from my Master's thesis, and to my knowledge it has been referenced in just one publication in 14 years. I'm glad I'm not a scientific posterity junkie. I'm just glad I passed.

7. I haven't even started doing Christmas cards yet. Sigh.

I am now headed out to the cook shed to make some gourmet Swedish meatballs for my office potluck Christmas party, and for our dinner tomorrow. I figured, we have lots of ground beef in the freezer, might as well make something with it.


MojoMan said...

Be true to the dreams of your youth!

Rurality said...

I've always felt slightly inferior since I don't "get" most classsical music. Or Opera.

barefoot gardener said...

I made up my x-mas letters, they haven't been sent yet. I think, since I have never once actually SENT them (one year I found them WITH STAMPS ON in July) I will probably just skip it again this year. I am such a scrooge ;)

RuthieJ said...

I have the John Denver Greatest Hits collection--he was the best! Hold on to that dream for retirement, Deb.

P.S. No Christmas cards done here yet either.

Deb said...

MojoMan- It would be a cool thing to do once the kids are old enough. Heck, maybe they are.

Rurality- Even though I am a somewhat classically trained musician, I still don't "get" opera. I guess I never will.

BG- We all have such good intentions! I think I wrote up a Christmas letter a couple years ago, then just scrapped the whole thing. I don't have enough people I'm close to to make the effort.

RuthieJ- Wasn't he awesome! I just recently copied a "greatest hits" album of his from the library. When I learned guitar at age 9, I got a John Denver guitar book and learned a lot of his songs.

My national tour will be in celebration of my 50th birthday. :)

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has yet to send out cards.

Deb said...

Oh by the way:

You know he'd be a poorer man, if he never saw an eagle fly...

lené said...

What fun, Deb. :) Thanks for playing along. When I read your jot on music/art and "getting it," I thought about this book I've just started reading called This is Your Brain on Music. I know the last thing you probably have time for is reading right now, but if you do take a break, it might be worth your time. I also thought your statement about epic dreams and writing in your sleep was curious but not surprising. Happy Holidays! I'm so glad to know you.

Floridacracker said...

I hate phone calls too ... or more accurately, I hate chatting on the phone.
Love email for that reason.

Deb said...

Lene- It looks like an interesting read. Although, like you say, I have not had much time for reading. I have had a Bernd Heinrich book on ravens out for almost six weeks now, and have not got around to it.

FC- I have this theory that us scientific types just do not do live phone conversations well. Email has been a lifesaver for me in my career.

The Hermit laughs at me when I chat on the phone with my dad. We're two non phone chatting people, my dad and me, so conversations are very limited.