Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thinking John Denver

I had a great musical moment with Starflower and Mr. Attitude tonight. They had the last in a series of after school cooking classes sponsored by Community Ed, so I left work a little early to pick them up.

I have been on a bit of a John Denver kick lately, spurred by hearing one of his songs on the radio. John Denver was my musical hero when I was a kid; I learned a few of his songs when I first learned how to play guitar.

So I was enjoying a John Denver Greatest Hits CD in my car this afternoon. After the kids joined me in the car, we continued to listen to it. When "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" came on, I thought about giving my monologue about how JD and that song meant a lot to me when I was growing up. But I didn't.

When the song came to an end, Starflower said, "I like that song! Can we listen to it again?"

I obliged, of course. Four times. :)

I cannot tell them what to like; that is up to them to figure out. But I am beaming with pride when my kids pick up on a song I really enjoyed as a kid. Of course, it's the song; it is a classic. It has that appeal that reaches across generations.


Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE John Denver fan and have his greatest hits and other CDs. My favorite song is "Far Away" reminds me of outdoor skating at my childhood skating rink where they had stereo speakers outside and that song was a top 40 hit that played a lot.

If you and Hermit ever need help with anything around the home please give me a call I can be avail to help you guys out!

Mike H

Anonymous said...

Deb -
I absolutely love John Denver and his music. I watch every one of his specials each fund-raising session on the PBS stations. I am still saddened by his early death. But his music will always be here.

Listening to his music back when I was a young single mother got me through many tough times. The first time I saw him in concert was at the Duluth Arena many, many years ago. I was just listening to "John Denver and the Muppets" in the car on my way in to work this morning.

Maybe that's why I had to come west for graduate school - I knew I just had to see the mountains. 'Course the fact that my bachelor's degree was in geology - and that almost all the rock outcrops in the Twin Ports area were covered with brush - were huge factors, too (g).

And now my daughter, who grew up listening to that music, are playing it for their children.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in the North Woods with your family
Carla in North Idaho

RuthieJ said...

FAR OUT post about John Denver, Deb!

I miss him too and I'm glad his music lives on for future generations.

Floridacracker said...

It keeps amazing me how teens I know are into classic rock ... not JD so much, but Beetles, Billy Joel, Heart, Eric Clapton.
When I tell them I went to a Black Sabbath concert as a teen, they are in awe.

I liked John D too and find it hard not to sing along if one of his tunes comes on the radio.

Anonymous said...


Remember the John Denver Christmas Special? Anyway while guiding in Colorado we stop and eat in Georgetown which happens to be the same town where the special was held at. The town is surrounded by steep mountains and all the buildings have that western feel to it.

Mike H

Jennifer said...

I love John Denver. I got to see him once when he played at the Amphitheatre in Chautauqua!

Anonymous said...

Your post brought back many memories. My husband and I went to a concert he did in the twin cities. I think it was a fund raiser for Wendell Anderson. Did'nt care for the canidate, but not enough to miss the concert. We live about 20 miles from St. Peter, MN which is his wife Annie's hometown.

Deb said...

Mike H- Georgetown is right off I-70, right? Never stopped there, but went thru a few times on the way to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

Thank you for your generous offer. So can I expect you Monday morning to put the metal roof on our new house? :) Seriously, thanks, I'll be in touch.

Carla- Interesting. I have always been an amateur geologist. Ever heard of the Douglas fault? I'm within a half mile of it, according to geological survey maps.

It's great to hear your story of how John Denver's music touched your life. He has such an innocent, positive message, and I think today's music has become so much more jaded and cynical. Happy holidays to you and yours. :)

RuthieJ- I am still amazed at how the kids totally responded to his music, on their own. That's a sign that it is timeless.

FC- Calvin has an MP3 (I still don't have one of my own!) and much of what he has loaded on it is "classic" stuff. Starflower asked for a copy of the John Denver CD for Christmas. She just might be able to download all the John Denver music she wants...on her Christmas present. :)

Jennifer- That's one regret I have, I never saw him perform live.

Cindy- I graduated from Gustavus, and I heard stories about how John would serenade Annie outside her dorm room window. Don't know if they are true, but it sure sounds romantic!

Larry said...

I actually saw John Denver in a Christmas concert a few years back.-I was not a big fan but went with someone who was.He was darned good I have to say!