Sunday, December 16, 2007

just so you know

We had a much better day, for the most part. I rearranged the woodpile again, then we took the kids and a couple friends to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks". We did not stay with them, we drove around until the movie was over. I somehow thought my bottle of Swix ski wax remover was in our storage shed, so we drove there, but it was not there. I want to get my cross country skis in shape, but I'll have to find a new bottle of wax remover I guess. There is a layer of dirt about a sixteenth of an inch thick on my skis. Not good.

I played banjo again, even dug into a downloaded tablature version of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett". I am going to try to schedule a lesson at Homestead Pickin' Parlor next Saturday, I feel it is necessary for me to make the next quantum leap in my playing.

So we're doing okay. The Hermit wants to return to work after the first of the year, just for something to do. That's a good sign.

I finally saw a nice light morph rough legged hawk today, on the way home from the movie. I had been wondering where the rough leggeds were. And we saw three bald eagles, at different places. Very nice. The pine grosbeak flock is still hanging around.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
I'm glad your day went better today and you're getting a chance to enjoy your music again.

P.S. I heard on the nightly news that "Alvin and the Chipmunks" was the number 2 movie of the weekend--so the kids made a good choice (and you probably made a better choice by driving around! ;-)

Lynne said...

Hey Deb- I'm glad it was a better day today. Music feeds the soul so I'm sure it helped yours. It sounds good if the Hermit is looking forward to work again. Hang in there and cough up some pictures of those grosbeaks!!!


Larry said...

Glad you it was a better day for you.We're seeing some of the same birds in CT this year because of the mighty "irruption."looking forward to another banjo playing clip.-Keep the faith.

denise said...

"The Ballad of Jed Calmpett"?!?!?! Ambitous! And WAY fun!

eric said...

Hey Deb - it sounds like things are turning around for you a bit - that's great.

My band "The Sellouts" in Bemidji circa 1991 used to do a rousing version of the theme from Green Acres, but that's really not the same thing, is it?

Also, I’m sooo envious of your Pine Grosbeaks. I can’t imagine why wild birds would avoid my feeder.

Keep a pickin' and a grinnin' !

arcolaura said...

I saw a bald eagle and a golden eagle together last week - well, within maybe 30 yards of each other. Is that unusual? I had never seen such a thing. The golden was feeding on some roadkill, and the bald eagle was apparently just watching from a spot out in the adjacent field.

Deb said...

RuthieJ- Thanks. I figured The Chipmunks were a hit when we found the parking lot of our rural town theater very full.

Lynne- Thanks. The trouble with grosbeaks is, they like to feed on the ground, and our feeding station is kind of shaded, so it's hard to get good light with a picture. I'll keep trying!

By the way, Mark Alt, organizer of the Pine County CBC, somehow found out I had a friend interested in coming along. I did not tell him; maybe it was Steve whom we met on the boat trip from hell? :) Anyway, I gave him your email address, and I'm sure he'll be in touch.

Larry- It may be a while before my next video edition, but I have been making progress. Are you seeing crossbills? We are missing them here.

Denise- Actually it's in the key of G, which means it's a fairly easy banjo tune. I just need to be told how to coordinate my right hand; the banjo tab just gives instructions for the left. That's why I want to take a lesson.

Eric- I could probably work up a version of "Green Acres".

Have you heard anything by "Trampled By Turtles"? Great Duluth-based acoustic band, with roots in bluegrass but they really rock.

I'm sorry the pine grosbeaks have not found your feeder up to their standards. I guess I'm just lucky!

Pickin', and grinnin', are both very important.

Arcolaura- Wow. What a sight. I'm sure golden eagles are a more common sight where you are, but wow. I'm envious.

arcolaura said...

I would say I see one every couple of years, always in the winter. This one was something else, though - it stayed put as I drove by the first time, but when I came by again on my way home I slowed for a better look, and I sure got one. It took flight just as I passed, and I could see all the golden highlights on the plumage, but mostly I was just awed by the sheer size of it.

lené said...

Hey all have been on my mind and in my heart. :) Glad to hear you had some sweet moments yesterday.

eric said...

Hey Deb – thanks for the recommendation. I’d heard of them but never actually listened to them. They’re pretty cool, and in this video you can even see somewhat of a “bluegrass mosh pit” at the foot of the stage. This is a group I’ll have to explore further. Take care.

denise said...

If you're in the mood for something offbeat to break up the long Winter, check out this CD. I've known McCrow and McCrow's mother for 25 years. A lot of the lyrics are quite witty..
The Mighty Lumberhorn

And a big "Thank You" to arcolaura for teaching me how to make hyperlinks!

Deb said...

lene- thanks! :)

eric- We saw them this summer at Park Point and there was definitely a bluegrass mosh pit thing going on.

denise- Thanks for the link, I like them! I'll have to order the CD.