Saturday, December 08, 2007

cabin fever

This cold and snow came on so fast and furious, a period of adjustment is inevitable. Not that we're not adjusting to other things...but sometimes I wake up in the morning and almost cry when I think of what has to be done.

But I get over it. And tomorrow, a couple friends are coming over to organize the woodpile, cut down pieces that are too long for our small stove, split the pieces that need another splitting, and maybe pick up another cord while we wait for our propane heater. I'm tired of stumbling out to the woodpile at 7 AM and finding only round pieces, especially birch, or too- long pieces, or rotten wood. We need some good, 5-6 inch split pieces of oak and/or maple, no longer than 14 inches.

Today I went into town to do laundry, and was surprised to find I was the only one there. A man pulled in a few minutes after me, but we talked and laughed about how we had the place to ourselves. A few people came in later, but all in all it was very tolerable for a laundromat day.

Later in the afternoon we headed for the school pool. Although the kids enjoyed the recreation, my primary goal was showers. Hot showers, as long as we wanted. Even The Hermit took advantage of the showers, although he did not swim. I have been feeling a pulled tendon in my leg, but it felt much better after swimming and gentle stretching in the water.

The pool always puts me to sleep, however. I just want to slip into flannel jammies and crawl under the down comforter when I get home from the pool! But I had to bring in wood, feed and medicate Togo, etc.

Tomorrow I'm taking it easy (as possible).


Good Old Pablo said...

Good luck with your plan to take it easy.

I always thought that I had to endure the time raising the kids, but when they were finally gone, I'd have my own life to live.

Not so!


Rurality said...

Yeah I'm going to be surprised if you end up being able to take it easy! :)

I've been pining for some snow. It's supposed to hit a record high here today though. 75°. Ugh.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Are you still having to go to work every day too? No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed.
I'm glad you've got some folks coming out to give you a hand.

Deb said...

Well, Pablo and Rurality, you were right. I ccoked a big breakfast, played mandolin for a while, started cooking bean soup for dinner, then went outside to do a necessary task involving the outhouse/sawdust toilet (much easier when everything's frozen solid!), then helped/directed 4 friends in the reorganizaion of our woodpile and stacking a new cord of wood. I didn't realize how hard I worked, or how chilled I was getting, until I went inside and just could not get warm. In a rare occurrence, all three kids were gone until about 8:30, so I buried myself in blankets on the couch and took control of the remote. Of course, I could not find anything interesting to watch, but hey I was in charge for once! :)

RuthieJ- Yes, I'm still working full time, and trying not to eat away at too much of my vacation or sick leave. Weekends are too short.

Spec 5 America said...

cooking bean soup for dinner

Great minds must think alike. My bride also made bean soup and I partook of it to terrible excess. Life was very good yesterday.

John Mikes
Joel Cairo's Photography & Lavender Soap Sales

Deb said...

Spec 5- Were the beans all nice and mushy, with the soup just thick enough so it's not watery, and lots of ham from the ham bone (if you're into ham bones; if not I understand!) It did hit the spot.

Spec 5 America said...

Yes, yes and yes! The meat came from a leftover spiral cut ham. And for the piece de resistance . . . there was straight-from-the-oven cornbread.

John Mikes
Beano's Air Compressor Service