Friday, November 30, 2007


We saw the doctor today, and The Hermit will be having physical and speech therapy next week. I'm glad this new doctor finally got what he needed ordered, but I am still a little mad at his other doctor, who should have ordered these things upon discharge from the hospital two weeks ago today.

I am very drained right now, or I would write more. It is so damn cold here, I can hardly function. Not to mention, we are supposed to get a significant snow accumulation tomorrow. I do not know where my boots are, much less the shovels. We are way below normal in temperature. It does not help things here.

Forgot to add...I had a couple guys from the church we rarely attend come over and clean the chimney. I got nervous this morning when I saw sparks shooting from the chimney; that signals a minor chimney fire and I really don't want to go there. I don't want my house to burn down.


robin andrea said...

It's good that The Hermit will be having the therapy he needs. That should really help. I don't know why some doctors don't do the right thing right away.

I hope you build a nice roaring fire in your fireplace, heat the place up so that it's good and cozy. I really hope that all the stress lightens up. I wish I could come by and help you find your boots and shovels.

Lynne said...

I don't undestand about the first dr either. But at least you're moving in the right direction now. It's great about the church neighbors helping with the chimney. Maybe you can settle in this weekend and spend some time finding the boots and getting ready for winter. I thought the cold came too early also. I took the kids to Kohl's on Thursday for new coats, mittens and hats as they had outgrown last year's jackets. I'll be watching the skies today, wishing I was spending time with you! Weather rain check- OK?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
I'm glad for those good guys who came to clean out your chimney. We had ours totally redone 3 weeks ago and those chimney repair guys had plenty of horror stories to tell about chimney fires! One less thing for you to worry about now--yea!

Good news for The Hermit, I'm guessing he's about as frustrated as you are, right? I hope his therapy goes well.

Hang in there & stay warm....I'll be thinking about you guys this weekend in the north country.

denise said...

So glad the Hermit is finally getting the proper medical attention. This new doctor will change things around for the better. I think he's in good hands.

We are expecting some nastiness weather-wise, too. The boots and shovels are there somewhere! You will find them and everything will be fine. Breathe.

Your church members were very generous to help you with the chimney. I am starting to regain my faith in the ultimate goodness of people.

barefoot gardener said...

Yay for therapy! I say forget the boots and shovel. Stockpile wood for the stove and stay inside, preferrably curled up with a good book. It sounds like a weekend for stress relief to me. I would do the same, but it's my weekend to work.

Rurality said...

You really have to watch doctors like a hawk nowdays - especially if you are not in a big city. I swear I know more than my great-aunt's doctor about stroke symptoms, just from watching ER! (They kept sending her home when it was obvious she was having a stroke.)

Anyway, I was watching a video of a ultra-fast banjo player, and it reminded me of you! Check the link on my blog of today if you want to see it. (Good mandolin playing link too, of a kid!)

Deb said...


Robin Andrea- Things are pretty comfortable here tonight.

Lynne- Weather rain check. We have about eight inches here.

RuthieJ- Chimney fires are nothing to mess with. That is waht spurred me in to action.

Denise- I am grateful we have better care now.

Barefoot- I did take some time with my banjo, after I drove into town in the beginning of the snowstorm and got what we needed, made lunch, filled the bird feeder, et cetera. It never ends.

Rurality- thanks for the heads up, I'm headed over to your blog to see some banjo!