Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the true cost of winter

I just placed an order for over a hundred clams to Land's End to outfit Starflower for the winter. I am glad we are able to do it, but what about all those families out there who don't have anything left over after groceries and heat? If they have money for groceries and heat, after a place to stay? You can get coats at the thrift store, and I plan to bring one of Starflower's old ones there tomorrow, but really it costs to stay warm. Heat isn't getting any cheaper, although we get by pretty easy with wood. But wood ain't easy either in some ways that I am appreciating a lot lately. Wood is heavy and messy. Wood does not come pre-cut into convenient shapes and sizes. And wood has to be carried in two or three times a day in a cold snap like this.

The Hermit got up around 4:30 this morning and started the fire (in the woodstove, that is). God bless him, he's so much better at it than I am, even now (starting a fire in the woodstove, that is, what were you thinking?).

And God bless my stepdaughter, who drove up from Nebraska just to be with her dad for a few days, and who put the plastic up on our porch windows (the computer is in the porch, and I am no longer freezing while blogging), got pizzas for dinner, took the laundry with her, brought in a dog size kennel so the rabbits could stay inside and warm, and was all around great to come home to tonight. She's staying at her mom's in Cloquet, but she will be bringing a cake on Thursday for Mr. Attitude's birthday.


Cindy said...

You'll find that blessings come in various sizes and shapes when there is a need for a blessing. Sounds like a cool step-daughter.

pablo said...

So Starflower is going to have a clam outfit? Oh, wait . . . !

I feel guilty whenever we spend money at the vet on the dog. This year it has been close to a thousand dollars, and I think that in the third world that kind of money might save that many lives!

denise said...

Ahhhh...the price of not freezing to death. Although I love living where I do, the cost of warm socks, boots, thermals, down comforter, window caulk, weatherstripping, and of course the very necessary ultra-warm jacket, gloves, and hat is enough to rival the national debt! You'll love the Lands' End. Their stuff wears like iron and washes up great.

What a kind and generous gift of her time your stepdaughter has given. Time is something we could all use a bit more of, and also something that costs nothing but love to share. It is the season to count blessings...

barefoot gardener said...

Just imagine me sitting in the corner nodding my head. I got nothin' to add, but I agree.

Floridacracker said...

Odd, this is our savings period when neither heater nor air conditioner needs to run. Good of you to donate warm clothes to the thrift store.
Wow that last post was a cold one! 4 degrees!

68 here tonight.
I wish it was colder.

Deb said...

Cindy- Yeah, she is great. :)

Pablo- I often think about how much veterinary care we should give our animals...although I think for the most part that's not a source of money that would be spent on poverty if it were an immediate, conscious choice.

Denise- I am indeed counting my blessings. And, yes, the winter gear does add up..now if I could only find my Sorel boots, which I have had for 17 years now...

Barefoot Gardener- Glad you're sitting there nodding. And I'm glad you're giving Pip a chance to create Christmas ornaments for her family.

Some friends of Starflower are in a similar situation I feel bad for. Their mom was in a car accident, it turned out to be drug related, so now their mom will be in treatment for a while. Not to mention their mom and dad were going through a divorce. Sad. Maybe I'll try to do something for their holiday.

FC- I have been hoping the seasonal transition would be milder. I am not ready for these temperatures! What happened to global warming?

Oh well, I guess this is supposed to be normal.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Sounds like your stepdaughter is truly a blessing.

It's always nice to have a job and be able to afford the necessities, but I know what you mean about those who might not have the "luxuries" I usually take for granted. I'm thankful for a warm house and plenty of warm clothes to get us through a Minnesota winter.

robin andrea said...

I was just thinking the other day that I didn't like cold weather because the coats I wore when I was young were never warm enough. It does cost to stay warm in winter, and I worry about folks who don't have enough. I think it's great that you are donating Starflower's old, warm coat.

It's really lovely that your step-daughter came to help out. That's the kind of gift that goes a long way in healing.