Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November gray

November has to be the bleakest month of the year around here. The leaves are all gone from the trees, the sky is usually dreary gray, and it's dark. No snow on the ground either to hide all the yard clutter and bare spots and leaves.

I have been moving around in a surreal world; driving to the hospital for tests, driving home so exhausted I can hardly stay awake, coming home and having to chop kindling and feed animals and keep the fire burning (we are getting an efficient propane heater next week, which will help a lot in that regard). I'll probably go to work tomorrow, at least for a while, so that will be a break.

No news yet, although I put in a call to the doctor this morning while The Hermit was having a carotid ultrasound. I'm waiting for him to call back, and I have some serious questions for him.

But in a fit of perhaps insanity, or perhaps the reality that we aren't really up for driving sixty miles to Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner, I bought a 20 pound turkey that may or may not fit in my small oven. We're having that, and a wild rice casserole that has become our tradition, stuffing, baked squash, mashed potatoes, and even homemade cranberry sauce. But not a home baked pumpkin pie; some nice lady named Mrs. Smith put it together for me. ;) Okay, I admit, I do like cooking, especially since I get to escape to my cook shed and listen to CD's or the radio. My stepsons might come over. It will be fun.

The chickadees are good therapy. They know how to stay busy and cheerful, even in November.

Forgot to add: we're getting satellite TV on Monday. Starflower's comment: "Hurray! Now we'll never be bored!" I just groaned.


barefoot gardener said...

Hope the doc listens to you and things start moving towards recovery for Hermit.

So what time should I be there on Thanksgiving? I'm sure my family wouldn't mind at all if I ditched them for your cooking instead of DH's.

I'm kidding!

Lynne said...

It's so hard to wait. I hope you can find some bits of peace in grabbing snatches of normal during this stressful, NOT normal waiting period. Try and enjoy your day tomorrow- We're all thinking of you.

Deb said...

Barefoot Gardener- I'm sure there would be enough turkey for you. :)

Lynne- Thanks, appreciate the good thoughts. I am just appalled at the amount of waiting there is for a condition like my husband's. I thought timely physical therapy was important! And it is almost 9:00, and the doctor hasn't returned my call. Will call, bitchier, tomorrow. Aargghh.