Tuesday, November 27, 2007

not the coldest spot in Minnesota

I've blogged before about how I live in a strange cold spot that often rivals International Falls for low temperatures. I've had frost in every month of the year. I've questioned my thermometer's accuracy, but even if it reads a few degrees low there's no denying it was cold this morning! That thermometer read zero, my car thermometer read 4 when I drove Calvin out to meet the bus at 6:30.

But most cities north of here were reporting below zero temperatures. Whatever was correct, zero or 4, was downright tropical compared to other spots in Minnesotarctica.

Still, it's mornings like this that make me think indoor toilets are a good idea.


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, yeah. Nothing like plopping your butt down on a seat so cold that you can't accomplish the business you plopped your butt down to do. LOL.

I know it was 1 deg at my place when I got home from work this a.m.

RuthieJ said...

Yikes, that's cold, Deb. I don't think I'm quite ready for it yet. We only got down to 8 this morning, but I think it's definitely time to get the long-johns out!

arcolaura said...

The high for today was only something like 5 (yes, I do mean -15C) here, and Dad and I were out installing the door frame that finally showed up, weeks and weeks after we ordered it. We got the door hanging by a couple of screws and gave up because it was dark and our fingers weren't working well. We'll finish it up tomorrow, and then we'll have the whole shell of the addition closed in! Sure beats the piece of plastic we've had hanging over the doorway, stapled at the top and held in place at the bottom with a chunk of doubled 2x4.

There was a funny moment just shortly after we started. Dad was shuffling building materials around to make some room inside the addition so we could assemble the door frame. That area is only partly insulated (and unheated except for sun through the windows) but it's staying maybe 5 degrees warmer than outside in cloudy weather. The stray cats have been sheltering in there when they think we're not around, and sometimes when I walk out the kitchen door into the addition, I see a blur of fur scoot out under a loose corner of the plastic. Anyway, Dad was shuffling stuff around, and I went out to the garage to fetch the door. I heard a bang and turned to see a cat streaking away from the doorway. The plastic was stretched out into a sort of cone where she had slammed through it, forcing the edge out from under the pair of 2x4s. I guess with the two of us moving about, she had cowered in there somewhere until I was out of the way, and then bolted.

I sure wouldn't want to be a feral cat tonight.

Deb said...

Barefoot Gardener- the up side is, when I have to clean things out to make room in there, which will be soon, everything will be frozen. It makes the job a lot more pleasant.

RuthieJ- I don't think I'm ready either!

Arcolaura- The carpenter who will be installing our metal roof said he will work down to about 10 degrees; anything colder than that and they spend too much time warming their hands.

The outdoor cats around here are getting very sneaky in trying to get inside.