Tuesday, November 20, 2007

our medical system

I left a message with The Hermit's doctor's nurse this morning, at about 9:30 AM. I, as a spouse, have been left out of the loop of his diagnosis and treatment, and I just wanted to know what's going on.

As of 9 pm, I have not had a response.


UPDATE-- see my comment. Good news.


denise said...

This is so wrong. Simple common courtesy would indicate a callback, even if there is nothing new to report.

I am hoping you get a call first thing in the morning, and that you continue to take comfort in the music you make and that which the birds bring.

Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K] said...

Deb, hang in there, sometimes no news is good news, I know it's not much help. The power of prayer is mighty and let it be known that prayers for hubby and you are being said.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

arcolaura said...

Well, from our experience this fall (hmm, that's a convenient pun), I'd say that the medical system sickness doesn't stop at the border. I wonder if it's a much wider sickness than even just medical systems - schools leap to mind, too. Anyway, Garth had very thorough testing and, as far as I can tell, very good treatment, but time and again we were left wondering when we would see the doctor or brace technician or whatever (usually hours later than promised, sometimes days). They told us very little of what was going on, apparently because nobody other than the doctor was allowed to tell us anything, and he was just too busy. Liability issues, I'm sure, as they're worried about people acting too quickly on partial information, but I wonder how much injury results from all the silence. We spent a good 24 hours believing that there was nothing seriously wrong, and then found out that Garth had a vertebra compressed by 30%. Fortunately he had accepted the nurses' precautionary approach to movement etc during that time.

Hoping you have good news soon.

elise said...

I haven't said anything but just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts. Keep after the doctor to get what you want! The squeaky wheel gets the oil! It all must be so stressful.

ps. I couldn't believe the lunch lady, its common in our school for kids to "charge" a lunch and pay the next day.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
That's too bad about your doctor's lack of response. Makes you wonder if he didn't get the message or actually just never got around to it. At least the nurse could have called to say the doctor was busy and couldn't call you back till tomorrow. I'm sorry things turned out that way....I hope when he finally calls it will be with good news for you and The Hermit.

Deb said...

Hi all, thanks for the responses and insights. We actually did get a call this afternoon, from another doctor (his doctor had the day off). She was very nice and apologized that our doctor had not called back. She read the MRI and the ultrasound; the MRI revealed a small area of the brain affected by a stroke, but the carotid ultrasound was normal; no plaques or clots floating around. She sounded optimistic that he will eventually regain lost function. Because of her kindness and optimism, The Hermit will be seeing her for all follow up care.

I think our "former" doctor just doesn't get interpersonal communication. I've had problems with him before on that.

Anyway, it's good news. I went back to work today, and things went okay. Although I do get frustrated at times; sometimes I just want to have a good talk with my husband, and it doesn't work quite that way for now.

denise said...

That's really good news, Deb! You have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. As for those talks with your husband, they will return eventually. In the meantime, we will help out where we can! :-)

Floridacracker said...

Catching up on several posts ...
I'm glad your news was not bad news. Thinking of you as you "do it all" while your husband recovers.
Take care.

Deb said...

Denise and FC- Thank you for your kind thoughts. :)