Thursday, May 11, 2006

marsh marigold

Looks like cool, windy, rainy weather for the next few days. I listen for new bird calls every morning, and yesterday I heard the beautiful flutelike Swainson's thrush. No warblers yet, at least not noticeable.

I'm giving a presentation to a high school class today, basically a "this is what a fisheries manager does" type of thing. I used to almost enjoy doing educational programs once in a while, but now I'm looking forward to this one like I'd look forward to a dental appointment.

Now if it were something I was excited about, like how to raise your own food, or birding, I could maybe get into it.

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GTR said...

Aha, I know what you mean about the home/work dichotomy! I'm lucky that I can be somewhat excited about my school presentations, but sometimes it's really hard to tear myself away from the internet (that holds SO much good info about the homesteading life) while at work to get down to the "real" (paid) work....

Interesting how our interests migrate away from this paid stuff so easily, eh? What's more real?