Wednesday, May 31, 2006

big garden day

(practically falling asleep at keyboard...sorry!)

I took today off work because a) Mr. Attitude goes to daycare on Wednesdays, just to get a little social interaction with his peers and a break from the brother/sister hierarchy, and b) the weather was good for gardening, a little hot but not like the last weekend. First The Hermit hauled old horse manure and dirt from the horse pasture to the garden beds with the tractor, then I arranged everything, weeded, and planted. There are still four raised beds to fill, and tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, and a few other things to plant, but I think we're well past halfway planting.

No pictures today. No more vivid descriptions or lists of what was planted. I'm just too tired.

Oh, The Hermit saw a wolf yesterday, less than a mile from our house. A real, honest to God timberwolf, running across the road. Good thing we have the sheep fortress.


doubleknot said...

Wow a real timber wolf. Neat.
I like your sheep. It is too hot in the part of florida I live in for sheep but I had goats - loved my goats. Hope you learn to love your sheep - be warned though they can get to be a handful sometimes.
I know what you mean about the kittens. I saved a kitten one time - the mother was taking care of the others and pushed this one away and wouldn't clean it - I took it and kept it alive but it was never right - it was deformed and should have been let to die. As for the mother cat that wouldn't care for her babies she is too young to know.

madcapmum said...

A timberwolf! I've only spotted one once, and that was by night. They are BIG. Yes, it's a good thing you've got the sheep fortress. Congrats on all your plantings in the midst of everything else.

LauraHinNJ said...

Wolf - how cool! Hadn't you found tracks a few months ago?

Deb said...

Yes, I think my finding of tracks coincided nicely with our reading of "Of Wolves And Men". Those tracks were about three miles south of our house, and the wolf was a mile northwest. So, they are here! I've only heard coyotes howling at night, but...

I do promise to post about my garden, planting, etc. Today was the last day of school and tonight was a Girl Scouts awards potluck. Ugh. And I have a report due at work next week. Double ugh.

Floridacracker said...

Here you are putting in your plants and my tomatoes are already showing signs of wilt disease AND battling tomato hornworm attacks. My squash after producing mightily is tired and seemingly through blooming.

Too cool about the wolf.