Sunday, May 28, 2006

dealing with the heat

Okay, you folks in southern climes may think I'm whining here, but DAMN it's HOT!!! 91 degrees in mid-afternoon. How do you get anything done in this weather?

Of course, I'm not 100 percent to begin with. I have some undiagnosed illness that is causing loss of voice, coughing up unmentionable stuff, and general stuffiness. I thought it was maybe an allergy to pine pollen, but allergy meds brought me no relief.

I did get a small flower bed weeded, at about 8 AM, before it got too hot. Then, in a frenzy of God-knows-what, I helped The Hermit assemble a portable sheep pen for the "lawnmower" sheep we are getting soon, some day when it's not so hot. It turned out to be more of a sheep fortress. No predator has a chance here, I tell ya. This was at midday, mind you, the peak of the sun. I was already sunburned from the day before. I was not a happy camper.

So finally we went for the pond, after the oppressive rays of the sun were starting to wane. I brought a pitiful excuse for a beach umbrella, which did not last in the variable wind. I soaked myself, roasted myself, and walked back to the house for cough medicine and Kleenex. I told The Hermit that a simple dinner was the only alternative.

Well guess what? We ended up driving to Cloquet, to that wonderful Mexican restaurant we ate at last week. The kids showed unprecedented manners, the food was as great as before, and it was air conditioned. And they have good margaritas. ;)


madcapmum said...

A sheep fortress! Snork! I'm with you on the heat. It's just too much that we should have to deal with -30 as well as +40!

Get well soon. Sounds like the beginnings of bronchitis, from someone who had bronchitis too many times to remember. Rest, lots of echinecea and oil of oregano and try to heal up, dear Deb.

Floridacracker said...

I guess this means the nose destuffed long enough to taste the good Mex food.
Hopw ya' feel better soon.

pablo said...

Good margaritas, you say? The frozen kind?

We've been breaking heat records here in Kansas City all week, but I've barely noticed it since I've been mostly staying in the house since I, too, have some unrelenting head and chest cold that defies medication but produces most of the unmentionable stuff you spoke of as well.

It's back to work tomorrow for me, which might be a welcome change of scenery for me since I missed three days last week.

I expect you'll be enjoying that pond a lot this summer.

Also, will we get to see some pix of the sheep fortress?