Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring unfolds...

...and it's hard to keep up. Within a week we've gone from redpolls to juncos, robins, and bluebirds. Kestrels, killdeers, and sandhill cranes. Woodcock, the original twitterers. And lots of eagles lately.

Me, I've been slogging through the mud between the house and the cabin, hearing the rain on the roof and dreading more mud. But mud is a fact of life.

I've been playing flute and banjo more, hoping to establish a good habit in my life. I've decided my new musical goal is to learn to play on flute, completely up to speed, The Bothy Band's set "A Jig and Five Reels". I downloaded and arranged a two page copy of the tunes, and tonight I sat down and learned them. Not up to speed by any means, but I have a core understanding of the tunes now.

Too bad the nice weather will come along soon and take away my music learning momentum!


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

A rainy day here, so blogging is easier. But it's still spring, and even with the drizzle, I want to be outdoors poking around.

I won't even mention the mud.

You must be pretty good to tackle those reels and jig—with an "at speed" goal. Celtic tunes are pretty challenging. I'm sure you know, but the only way to get good at a piece of music or an instrument is via regular and relentless practice. I say that as a former cornet player, former guitar player (an honestly really good guitar player, who can now barely manage more than chords) and a regularly backsliding piano player. Playing music is teaching muscle memory to fingers and lips; if you let it slide too long, you'll still know how and when to do stuff…you just won't be able to execute your skill. And if you slack off way too long, you also forget. Use it or lose it.

Floridacracker said...

Our Spring is basically mudless.

Deb said...

Grizzled- One of the things I'm hoping to do is to set a better example for my kids--Calvin, who plays saxophone, and Starflower, who plays piano. They need to see me practice, and to see me enjoying it. I've been backsliding too long!

FC- Spring wouldn't be spring without mud here.

RuthieJ said...

Just having it light later into the evening is enough to give me hope for spring (even when it's 20 degrees like when I woke up this morning!)
Will there be music at the Master Naturalist conference Deb?? I would love to hear you play some tunes.

Deb said...

One year later...I have done it!!!