Sunday, March 29, 2009

Morning run

The morning air was still chilly, in the 20's, when I set out, but the sun already had warmth to it and the eaves were dripping.

About a hundred yards from where I started, an immature bald eagle took flight and crossed the road ahead of me. Of course the camera was not ready. But I anticipated what I saw next, and the camera was ready:

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These two pairs of Canada geese have been enjoying the deep pool on Sand Creek for the last few days. One day I saw a pair of hooded mergansers with them, but they were not there today.

Further up the road I was serenaded by bluebirds.
blue on blue

I was doing my "creek run", where I cross Sand Creek, run up to the corner, turn right and run to where that road crosses Sand Creek, upstream from the first crossing. The creek was flowing strong with the spring runoff, but from the ice suspended above the water surface I could tell it had been higher a few days ago.

I have forgotten the exact length of this run; perhaps 2 1/2 miles. The middle of the run is uphill, with the corner being the highest point. Even if I have been a slacker at running the last few months, today felt good and even after I turned the corner and headed for home, I felt as if I could go on much further.

Running gets me into this meditative state that is hard to describe. Words form in my head, poetry comes effortlessly, and I feel during that time that all is right in my corner of the world. Indeed I have the luxury of beautiful surroundings, and of rarely having to contend with traffic. There is no need to listen to my iPod while I run; it would only be a distraction from what is real.


Jenn Jilks said...

Great shots!

BB-Idaho said...

Any chance that 'Sand Creek run' could serve as a nice XC ski trail?
Looks similar to when I was a Minnesotan about er..100 years ago.

RuthieJ said...

Good for you Deb! Glad you got to enjoy this nice day before winter descends on your area again.

Jayne said...

What beautiful blue skies, and I am so inspired by your continuing to run Deb. I can't even seem to get my ass to do anything as of late!

robin andrea said...

I know what you mean about not listening to music when you're out there. It is a distraction from what is real. Well said, deb, and great shots.

cindy said...

I'm so glad you continue to run. Even if it's not everyday. Your music has been a new priority also. It shows.

Deb said...

Jenn Jilks- Well, they were taken on the run, but thanks!

BB-Idaho- The creek run is along gravel roads, not the best for skiing, but there is a lot of land across the creek where I should have been skiing this winter...

RuthieJ- As I am typing this it is snowing. No running today!

Jayne- Motivation is tough, isn't it? I have by no means gotten into the habit yet.

Robin Andrea- I brought my iPod with me once, mostly to use the stopwatch feature. Twenty years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead running without my clunky cassette Walkman!

Cindy- My motivation has its ebbs and flows, but overall I'm trying to make some positive changes.