Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kerrick Bog

This is how my evening went: Stay at work an extra 10 minutes (4:40) to chat with my overworked Aquatic Plant Management coworker on the phone, and download my day's data. Take a two block detour out of work because of a major sewer/road construction project in town. Stop at the grocery store in the next town to pick up a few things. Arrive at home just in time to turn around and take Mr. Attitude (and Starflower, along for the ride) to T-ball. Fifteen miles. Am I glad my Subaru has been averaging over 29 mpg.

Then, as I arrived home, I went to the new house with The Hermit to discuss flooring options. It's looking like local, rustic pine flooring is the way to go! Interrupted by Starflower, who came in to say that Calvin had left a voice message saying he was staying overnight at his friend's house and needed one of us to deliver his sleeping bag. I volunteered; it was a nice, cool night for a drive.
I took the state highway up to the little burb of Kerrick, then headed east. There is a magnificent bog there, on both sides of the narrow gravel road. It looked wonderful in the 8:30ish evening light of midsummer.

Along the way I saw a car pulled to the side of the road, and an older gentleman with a spotting scope set up by the car. Part of me wanted to stop and chat; this guy must be a serious birder! What was he looking for? But I just slowed down and waved as I drove by. I hope to see a report on the MOU listserv! I had to get the stuff to my son. I even brought him an extra sweatshirt; it is cool tonight.


pablo said...

I remember many such days. It gave life some purpose then when I was a pup and didn't know anything at all.

Lynne said...

Sounds like kind of a nice evening, filled with the ordinary. I love evening drives in the summer. The air is soft and smells sweet and clean. Can't wait to see your pine floors!

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful bog and the busy errand running feels familiar, although the girls are more self sufficient these days.
We have pine floors and I love them. They glow ... or they will glow again after I refinish them this summer.

Deb said...

Pablo- 5 years until the oldest one drives. But I can enjoy things in the meantime...

Lynne- The air was so clear and beautiful, and I hadn't driven that way it was good.

FC- Glad to hear a thumbs up for pine floors! It looks like we'll be doing most of the main floor with them, maybe even some flooring sawn from dead pines on our own property...stay tuned!

RuthieJ said...

It's nice to live in the country until another errand forces you to run to town--again! How nice that you have lovely places like this to see along the way--makes those drives much more enjoyable