Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This evening an ordinary moment turned into something special.

The Hermit and I were sitting in the family room in the new house, sipping a beer and enjoying the cool breeze that had come in the evening to take the edge off a hot day. (85 is hot? We have not seen 90 this year! I love it!) I had my binoculars with me, determined to get a good look at all the little brown birds I see through the patio door while we sit there.

A flutter of movement caught my attention, in the grasses beyond the garden, and I focused the binoculars. There, in plain view, was a little bird that was definitely NOT brown. It was a beautiful shade of blue all over, kind of like our new roof. Indigo bunting! I watched it for about ten minutes as it swooped among the grasses, probably foraging for insects.

Duty called, and I went in to get our Sams Club frozen lasagna out of the oven and to get some water for the chicks. As I was carrying water and food out to our future egg producers, I saw Indigo again, in my little overgrown wildflower garden! Twice in one day! Sweet!

Winterwoman had a post recently about how blue birds aren't really blue. Yeah, light refraction and all that. Still, the prettiest birds I've ever seen are blue, refraction or not.


Lynne said...

I've only seen a handful of indigo buntings and they always make me gasp. How lucky for you! Now I will always think of indigo buntings when I see your blue roof.

I really appreciate it that you and Starflower drove up to Hasty Brook over the weekend. It was so nice to spend time with you.

pablo said...

We've seen bluebirds and indigo buntings at Roundrock, especially this year. It really is the bluest blue, isn't it?

Jayne said...

They are so very beautiful, aren't they? The Blue Grosbeak is a shade of cobalt like I've never seen before.