Friday, July 18, 2008

baseball day

I did my motherly duty today, on a day I took off from work. I rode the team bus to Pine City, a good 40 miles away from our house, to watch the last day of Little League play. The kids work hard; they play three games from 9 till noon with hardly any break in between. Today was the playoffs, as if in three games they could determine a league champion. I think all the kids are champions for their dedication to the game. Each play is a learning experience.

Calvin made some memorable plays in left field, never letting the ball get by him. And, in the third game, he hit a strong double out into center field and had an unexpected RBI when an anticipated power hit turned into a quasi-bunt which got him on base and scored a runner.

I don't know if I could have done this every Friday of the season. It's a long time to sit outside, and the noise and people got to me. There are eight teams from seven towns, in a cloverleaf of four fields. But it's great to see the determination in those young mens' eyes as they play the best sport in America. God bless Little League baseball. And God bless the coaches who give so much of their time to make it all happen.

Calvin's teammate and friend Keith is spending the night. I had a great time with them when Calvin asked me if I could teach them how to play guitar. Of course, that cannot be done instantaneously, but I sat and jammed with them for about half an hour and got out some basic books for them to look at. At one point we had a guitar/bouzouki/alto saxophone thing going. I also told them, if they are serious about this, I will try to be a good teacher and give them real lessons. This could be good for them. And me.


Lynne said...

I just got home from the first game of Molly's end of the season softball tournament. I really do love watching the games in the evening. But I do find I have to make a conscious effort to not let myself get irritated by some of the other parents.

The musical jam sessions sound like fun. It would be great if the boys took advantage of your talents to learn guitar.

pablo said...

Baseball is, like soccer, an elegant sport. (Unlike football.) I'm happy for your son that he enjoys the game.

One bit of advice, when he comes home talking about wanting to join the wrestling team, have your reasons not to prepared and on the tip of your tongue. Talk about absolute tedium in the stands. That's wrestling.

Jayne said...

Little League is certainly a commitment. :c) How fun they wanted to jam with you.