Saturday, July 05, 2008

hillbilly laundromat

Yes, this is a real, unadulterated image from my Sand Creek estate. I am now the owner of a deluxe washer and dryer, and I tried out the washer today. It works beautifully! It's just waiting there outside until we get the long awaited indoor plumbing in the new house.

Our super handyman and friend Chris had a washer and dryer that needed a new home, and we needed a washer and dryer eventually. So he offered to us, absolutely free, a Staber washer and Maytag gas dryer. Wow. Stabers are not cheap, and they are the most energy and water efficient washers out there. And, judging from my first load of clothes, they do a pretty good job of washing dirty kid laundry.

Some of you long time readers may remember me waxing poetic about my Maytag wringer washer three years ago. Well, it still works, and will probably work forever, but it takes time to do laundry in that manner, time I simply do not have at this point. The Staber is automatic, and after I babysat the first load, making sure everything worked right, I realized I could put a load of clothes in and walk away! No wring, rinse, and wring again.

And, I calculated that going to the laundromat costs us maybe $80 a month. That's $960 a year just to keep our wardrobe clean and fresh! This new setup costs...practically nothing. I'm not using the dryer of course, since there's all kinds of free solar clothes drying energy available this time of year. That and hooking up gas is too involved for an outdoor setup like this. We may opt for an electric dryer, if necessary, in the new house.

So I like my outdoor washer; believe it or not it's a huge luxury for me!


Jayne said...

I am feeling quite silly and spoiled and wish I had only half the determination you do Deb to simplify my life.

pablo said...

Every time you make a post, I like you more and more!

That washer will obviously pay for itself (even if you bought it new). I had no idea laundromats could cost that much.

One quibble, though. I don't think you can be a hillbilly in whatever northern state you're in. That's pretty much an Ozark and/or Appalachian term.

RuthieJ said...

Congratulations on your new laundry set-up Deb! I'm amazed that you were able to deal with the wringer washer for a family of 5.....I can barely stay ahead of laundry every week for 2 people with an automatic.