Monday, September 03, 2007

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This is a bittersweet weekend around Sand Creek, and around Minnesota. Hundreds of thousands of kids are saying goodbye to summer, and hello to a new school year tomorrow. Yeah, Minnesota actually has a law, created by the resort industry, that sets the beginning of school at the day after Labor Day, except in very rare circumstances involving religious holidays. Okay with me, I really would not want school to start any earlier, given our short summers.

This is a significant beginning of school for our family, because my youngest son, Mr. Attitude, starts kindergarten tomorrow. He's more than ready, being he turns six in November, and he seems to have a great memory for little factoids. But at the same do you let the youngest one go? The plan is to have all of them get on the bus at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AM (Is there such a thing as a "godly hour?") and I will make a stop at the school on my way to work, roughly 8:00 AM, to see my youngest enter the hallowed halls of kindergarten. And cry, and take a few pictures. And wish his teacher the best. I hope she's not expecting him to act like his sister, whom she had in her class three years ago. But I know she's the best kindergarten teacher there, and he'll be okay.

So we celebrated by having a favorite dinner, Mighty Cauliflower with shrimp, adapted from a recipe from an AWOL blogger, Melissa, who I miss a lot. The cauliflower was homegrown, the only one I have successfully grown in two years of trying, along with homegrown garlic, oregano, and basil. Yummm....along with pasta and an Italian cheese blend. I sauteed the shrimp in olive oil for a few minutes before adding to everything else. The shrimp were from Mexico, a bit better than Indonesia or Thailand, the other choices at the store. Another blogger who knows about these things informs me that the shrimp are starting to run on the St. Johns River in Florida...funny, I remember catching them in early August there when I was a kid.

Today was kind of laid back, kind of a day to relish the pleasures of living here. I saw a golden winged warbler, which is a lifer for me, although I've probably seen them and missed them before. I tried to play bouzouki and mandolin, without much luck. I'm thinking of taking up the banjo; I found a cheap one at the music store at the mall on Sunday that I might buy.

Anyway, I have to run, have to watch one more Pink Panther cartoon with the boys before the 9:30 bedtime (late, I know!) Don't want to miss that moment.


barefoot gardener said...

It doesn't seem to matter if it's your first, last, or any other child. Letting them go to school that first time is just plain miserable.

I still worry and mine is in 3rd grade.

momadness said...

Many kids her in mo started school a couple weeks ago; when I was MUCH younger you never went back to school till after Labor Day. Hope all goes well with your kindergardener!

Thunder Dave said...

I sort of like that law. School starting before Labor Day just seems wrong to me!

Lightnin said she liked the name "Mr. Attitude" (I think she identified with it!).

Deb said...

Barefoot Gardener- I know. I worried about all three of them, especially since Calvin had a not-so-good year with his fourth grade teacher last year. His teacher this year seems like a perfect match for him, though.

Momadness- He did really well; in fact, he looked like the most confident, outgoing kid in his class. He surely doesn't get that from me!

Thunder Dave- It IS wrong. Kids need summer vacation!

Mr. Attitude suits him perfectly. Although The Hermit won't take the blame, it has to come from his side of the family. :) My family is way too meek and quiet.