Thursday, August 30, 2007

a girl and her dog

Starflower has a new boyfriend. But I'm not worried at all. In fact, I'm happy, because I haven't been able to give Togo all the attention he deserves lately.

Yesterday when we took Togo for a walk, Starflower took him back home...all by herself. He's 3 years old now, and settling down into a nice family dog, but yesterday was the first time we realized that a) Starflower is old and big enough, and b) Togo is just gentle and sweet enough, and c) he really doesn't just R-U-N-N-O-F-T (O Brother Where Art Thou influence showing). So suddenly when she realized she could put him on and off his leash by herself, and that he greatly appreciated her attention, she has been taking him for something like four walks daily, all by herself. As you can clearly see by his face, Togo thinks this is a great thing. I hope it's not just a phase.

By the way, that's my old high school cheerleading sweatshirt she's wearing. Can you imagine me as a cheerleader? Exactly. I didn't last long.


~Jennifer said...

Aw, that's a sweet picture! They both look happy.

pablo said...

Cheerleader photos, please.

eric said...

Very nice! I was thinking of posting a brief video of my 3 year old walking the mini schnauzer on my blog - it's quite comical. The nightly family walk has become one of my favorite aspects of rural living, and it's even better when one or both of the kids handle a dog.

In a backlash against hunting dogs, the Mrs. has her eyes on a Yorkie from Bigfork. Is Togo the same sort of dog?

momadness said...

They look like the best of buds! And, yeah, I'm with Pablo--cheerleader pic, pls!

Deb said...

~Jennifer- Thanks. They really get along well.

Pablo (and Momadness)- I think all the evidence is stowed at my dad's house, but maybe I'll scan something, someday.

Eric- You allow a miniature Schnauzer in The Ethereal Garage? :)

Togo is a Siberian Husky we were fortunate to obtain for free from someone who had a few too many from one litter. I hope to go skijoring with him someday...when we get enough snow!

Momadness- Starflower has a very kind heart for animals, but she was in awe of Togo's strength until she found out she could handle it.

Lynne said...

Hey Deb- I think we have a skijoring harness around here somewhere. I'll bring it on the Hawk Ridge trip! Love that picture of Starflower- such sparkle in her face!

Floridacracker said...

Lynne said it, that sparkle is wonderful!
I see a deep friendship forming.

Now there's a meme ... post your cheerleader or other highschool pics.

eric said...

The schnauzer was originally supposed to be my wife's dog, but she was "corrupted" by too many training sessions with bird dogs. She's pretty tough and besides, the garage has an open admission policy.

I originally wanted Lucy the Lab to be a skijoring dog but worked out a system where I ski and she pulls the sled - she's not the brightest creature and I don't want to get hurt. Over the course of one winter many years ago I went on three separate winter camping trips with a Siberian Husky named "Socks." She was a great dog, and I've often kicked around the idea of getting one for winter fun. Togo looks like a nice dog. Sorry to ramble - again, nice post.

maggie said...

Ah It's about that age that I started my love affair with the four footed beast. If it was a phase then I am well at least 20 years into it. Sweet Pic.

Larry said...

Pets never let you down!-What was your favorite cheer?

Deb said...

Eric- no need to apologize for rambling, I like to hear dog stories. I often wonder if Sally and Togo wouldn't make a good team...if one of them were fixed. Maybe even Maggie...can a Chesapeake be a duck dog and a sled dog? She is now bigger than Sally, and growing.

Maggie- Welcome, thanks for commenting, and I am honored to be on your blogroll already! I will add you to mine.

Larry- Togo is so good...whenever he's escaped his chain, he just stays around the house, and he's good with the kids.

I don't remember having a favorite cheer; the entire experience was mostly negative...but I could do a good split jump back in my day.