Tuesday, September 04, 2007

first day, minus one

The boys, meeting the bus before sunrise for a 1 and 1/2 hour drive. I guess that's the price we pay for living out here. I didn't notice Calvin's bored look until I downloaded the photo. Mr. Attitude at least looks enthusiastic. I had no trouble waking them this morning.

But where is Starflower? Unfortunately, she started spiking fevers and headaches yesterday afternoon. :( I was hoping it was a short term thing, but I was up at 3 AM fetching medicine. However, when she woke up in the morning, after I convinced her to not ride the bus, she swore she felt fine. Poor thing, I think she just didn't want to miss the first day of school. She was so convincing that I dropped her off on the way to work, on my planned stop to witness Mr. Attitude's first moments in the classroom. She swore she was fine then, and went right off into her classroom.

I proceeded to Mr. Attitude's classroom; he had not arrived yet, but a few minutes later his dutiful big brother led him to the kindergarten door. I watched as the children arrived, mostly timidly. The first day of school, ever, is a big thing! But my Mr. Attitude, not to brag or anything, exuded perhaps the most confidence of any kid I saw. He was ready to take on anything kindergarten had to offer. I wish I had some of his self confidence sometimes!

I had almost forgotten Starflower had been sick, when I got a call at work from the school nurse just before the end of school, at 3:00. She again had a headache and fever of 103. So I told the nurse to keep her there, not to send her on the bus, I would come and pick her up. An hour and a half bus ride would be too much. She asked if I wanted the boys to ride the bus or come and wait to be picked up, but I thought they could just as well ride the bus. Good experience for Mr. Attitude, good reconnection with friends for Calvin. To the nurse's credit, she went out and met Calvin and explained why Starflower would not be riding the bus home. I was worried that he would worry about her.

So everyone had a good day, except for Starflower. Mr. Attitude adapted to kindergarten very well, and Calvin's teacher happens to like camping, fishing, playing guitar, and watching The Red Green Show. He even has a picture of Red, Harold, and Bill on his desk. Calvin is a walking encyclopedia of Red Green episodes, so they should get along nicely.

I'm a bit worried that Starflower might have Lyme disease, again. It's presenting the exact same way as it did before. The Hermit was diagnosed earlier this summer. Actually, I've been wondering if I might have it again as well; I've been way too achy all of a sudden, plus I'm having weird dreams and insomnia, which I have not had for a long time. I think it's unfortunate that a lot of the literature focuses on the "bulls eye rash" as the definitive symptom of Lyme's; 1/4 of all patients never get it, including myself, and it probably prevents some doctors from diagnosing the disease early enough. I never had the rash, though a blood test diagnosed me three years ago. Who knows how long I had it before that. I might take Starflower to the doctor tomorrow.


~Jennifer said...

Aw, I hope Starflower is okay and feels better soon.

An hour and a half is a long bus ride! At least your kids are all on the bus together, right?

And my son loves The Red Green Show too. :-)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
A tough day for you, for sure.
I hope Starflower feels better...I've been hearing lots about West Nile Virus now too. I don't think I'd want that or Lyme disease, but being outdoors folks poses a greater risk for you guys, doesn't it?

P.S. I really like Red Green too!

barefoot gardener said...

What a pain, being sick on the first day of school. I hope Starflower feels better soon.

The whole Lyme's thing is really miserable. At least you know what to keep an eye out for other than just the rash. Unfortunately, if you and yours don't get the rash, it must be really hard to diagnose.

A mom's friend is going through a bout with West Nile, and I am SO GLAD I haven't had to deal with that yet. She is so sick!

All these diseases just freak me out a little, ya know?

momadness said...

The boys look wonderful and your kindergartner does indeed look excited. I hope Starflower is doing better by now, poor dear.

Deb said...

~Jennifer- It is terribly long, especially since they cut two bus routes a year ago to save money. They moved the school start time back by twenty minutes to compensate, but our pickup time got lengthened by exactly two minutes. Go figure.

Good luck on your walk! :)

RuthieJ- I came close to shedding tears, when I saw all those little ones go running to the rug when the teacher asked them. Precious.

It turns out it was strep throat, and she got a penicillin shot instead of pills so she would get better sooner. The lab tech said this always happens right around the beginning of school. Hmmm... Glad it's not West Nile or Lyme.

Red Green is great! Even though I'm female, I can relate!

Barefoot Gardener- Well thankfully it's not West Nile or Lyme, but those diseases are scary. Actually, this bout would have been scary were it not for antibiotics.

Momadness- Mr. Attitude is adjusting wonderfully, although he was pretty tired out the first day! In our school district kindergarten is all day, probably because transportation costs would be too great if they ran buses mid-day. WE cover a large area.

Hopefully with the shot, Starflower will be able to attend school tomorrow. Thanks for your good wishes!

Lynne said...

I'm glad it was just strep. Our kids' Dr. would never give them the shot. I've heard it workd PDQ. Your boys look so cute- big brother and little one!

barefoot gardener said...

Glad to hear it was just strep.

Mr. Attitude tired? Our district does all day kindergarten, too, and I remember Big Sprout falling asleep sitting up after a hard day at school! Glad to hear that he's adjusting, though.

Deb said...

Lynne- I did not know they still gave the shot. I remember a few of them from my childhood...:( But, it's better than trying to remember to take pills 3 times a day for ten days.

The boys were precious out there...we wait in the car until they see the headlights from the bus, then they go wait by the mailbox. But I can't help but thinking, it will only get darker!

Barefoot Gardener- I was glad it was "only" strep too. They have a rest period, early afternoon, and Mr. Attitude proudly told me he was the quietest one today. My jaw absolutely dropped. I haven't been able to get this kid to take a nap in years! :)

Deb said...

Oh, did anyone catch the horse on the loose in the photo? Neighbors'. I went out later to take out the garbage, and it was still in the road, so I called to it softly, she came closer to me, and I was able to grab her halter and walk her to the neighbors' driveway, where they finally came out and thanked me for helping to bring her back. They have frequent fence failures.

Madcap said...

Is a fence failure like a wardrobe malfunction? ;-)

Deb said...

Madcap- Yes, but without the media hype. :)

Floridacracker said...

Duct tape can handle those pesky wardrobe malfunctions.

The first day,especially the first, first day is always an adventure. I hope Miss Starflower is feeling better and that it's not Lyme ... same for you.

In the previous post ... how wise of you to seize the pink panther moments while they fall.
Those shrimp are still safe, I haven't made it over there yet.
Have a great weekend!